Saturday, 15 August 2020

Tory Newport Spring Conference is a interference in Welsh Democracy.

 The Conservative Party will hold its UK spring conference in Newport, during the run-up to May's Senedd election.looks like a clever plan, though won that could easily bacfire

The party said up to 8,000 people will attend the event, at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Wales, and inject £20m into the local economy.

Tory co-chair Amanda Milling said it would "bring together Conservative supporters from across the country in a key election year for Wales".

The ICC called the news a "tremendous boost to our events industry".

ICC chief executive Ian Edwards said the conference, in March, would help the sector "as we look to recover from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic".

The Conservatives said the spring conference will take place "alongside" next year's Welsh Tory conference.

Whilst seeing  maximum coverage in both the Welsh (for what it is) and UK media, it could easily be interpreted as the Westminster Party its  agenda on Wales and a "Welsh" election hijacked  and dictated from Westminster.

I suspect although the plan would be to push the Tory candidates for the Senedd as much as possible. Westminster Tory ministers will be unwilling to take a backseat as the Yokels  appear o the Television Screens.

Suggestion that the an YES CYMRU rally should be held in Newport at the same time perhaps with a Chartism theme commemorating the 1839 march on Newport where some were calling for a Welsh Republic, probably would not be allowed by the authorities.

The Tory conference  will probably be a success and boost their Senedd campaign.

Unless of course we can portray it as what it is Westminster interference inWelsh Democracy.

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