Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Senedd Member Caroline Jones Wakka Jumps again.

 The Brexit Party is down to three members in the Welsh Parliament after former UKIP Senedd leader Caroline Jones Wakka Jumped for the third or fourth  time on Tuesday., in a move which while hardly am earthquake inh Welsh Politics is interesting.

The South Wales West politician accused the party of an "anti-devolution" stance that is against her principles.

Group leader Mark Reckless has vowed to campaign to scrap the Senedd, proposing a directly-elected first minister instead.

The Brexit Party group wished her well.

Ms Jones was one of seven UKIP politicians elected to the Senedd in 2016 only one of whom (Neil Hamilton) still clings on to that label

The group suffered from rows from the start, and Caroline Jones was the second of three leaders it had.

She left the party after she was unseated by Gareth Bennett in a poll of members. The UKIP group later ceased to exist, and four ex-UKIP Senedd members joined Nigel Farage's Brexit Party last year.

Before she joined UKIP Ms Jones had also been a member of the Conservative Party.

There is still a question if there wil be Brexit Party by the Senedd elections Nigel Farage is reportedly set to relaunch the Brexit Party as the Reform Party, according to British tabloid the Sunday Express, as fears mount over Boris Johnson’s ability to secure a proper Brexit.

The budding party has apparently begun reaching out to disaffected Tory MPs for recruitment, begun talks with a public relations firm, and is preparing to stand at least one candidate in the next by-election.

Apparently the Brexit Party officially has three members, as the Electoral Commission requires at least two named members to be registered as a political party. The three members are currently Nigel Farage, Nominating Officer Tracy Knowles and Treasurer Mehrtash A’Zami. The party structure has been criticised for not providing the party's over 115,000 paying "registered supporters"[62] with any voting power to influence party policy;[63] Farage retains a high level of control over decision-making, including hand-picking candidates himself.

Whether Farage gors through with his plans and form a proper party and not what appears to some to be Private Limited Limited company is a mute point.

If he does will all the Brexit Senedd members join him and will Farage adopt their "Abolish the Assembly" manifesto and could they remain under the Brexit Party  banner if it is really a PLC.

Indeed would Caroline Jones Wakka Jump once again  if Farage opposes abolition otr if he supports it , could we see UKIP, Brexit Party "Farage's Reform and Abolish the Assembly, standing , a move which would almost certainly reduce  any of them getting elected , despite it being a Unique Selling Point (USP).

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