Saturday, 1 August 2020

New version of Macbeth (Starring Ruth Davidson) as Carlow deposed.

The first part of a new version of Shakespeare Macbeth premiered on the BBC last night


  • Duncan –  Tory leader in Scotland - Jackson Carlow
  • Macbeth – a general in the army of Duncan; originally MP  for Moray   later Leader of the Tories in the Scottish Parliament - Douglass Ross 
  • Lady Macbeth – Macbeth's wife,- Ruth (Lady)Davidson
  • Banquo – Macbeth's friend and  Secretary of State for Scotland  Alister Jack
  • First Witch- Boris Johnson
  • Second Witch - Dominic Cummings
  • Third  Witch- Vladimir Putin

The play opens amid thunder and lightning, and the Three Witches decide that their next meeting will be with Macbeth. In the following scene, the Witches tell Macbeth ( Ross) that he will be leader of the Tories i Scotland  when he asks if it means he will lso become first Minister he's told not to be ridiculous.

Macbeth sends a message ahead to his wife, Lady Macbeth (Davidson ), telling her about the witches' prophecies. Lady Macbeth suffers none of her husband's uncertainty and wishes him to dispose of o Duncan (Carlow)in order to obtain  leadership hip. When Macbeth arrives at Inverness, she overrides all of her husband's objections by challenging his manhood and successfully persuades him to  take over  that very night. 

They Plan that Lady Macbeth stand in for her husband , whilst he finds a seat in the Scottish Parliament her reward being a seat in the House of Lords  (actually becoming a Lady)

Meanwhile the Secretary of State for Scotland (Jack)  hasn't a clue what's going on and there's speculation Lady Macbeth will take over from him in the Lords.

It is likely the plot will diverge from Shakespeare in the rest of the series as Macbeth whilst becoming a MSP, finds himself the leader of a much reduced party. and faces the wrath of Lady Macbeth and the Witches. 


This one will run and run as the Tories will be seeking another new leader in May  and will finally come to an end with Scottish Independence.

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