Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Corbyn's :" It's the the wrong kind of Brexit" attitude is not enough.

"The wrong type of snow" or "the wrong kind of snow" is a phrase coined by the British media in 1991 after severe weather caused disruption to many of British Rail's services. A British Rail press release implied that management and its engineering staff were unaware of different types of snow. Henceforth in the United Kingdom, the phrase became a byword for euphemistic and pointless excuses.

As we face a catastrophe that will see  years of shortages all we get from the Labour leader  is that it is "The wrong kind of Brexit).

With the possibility of more snow showers this evening   it is well to reflect that it is common for supplies like milk and bread to run out as some people stockpile on the sight of the first snowflakes.

It has led me to reflect that the day we are due to leave the EU March 29 could well be the , earliest date that we are unlikely to see it combined with of a  heavy snowfall and bone-chilling temperatures wreak havoc across the country, with most place subjected to snow.
Severe winter weather brought significant snowfall and unseasonably low temperatures to many parts of the UK in late March to early April 2013.
This was the last time it snowed in the UK, when the country experienced a prolonged spell of below average temperatures with winds bringing in bitterly cold air from northern Europe and Siberia - the same reason the UK is experiencing bitter conditions at the moment.
In 2013, strong easterly wind contributed to a significant wind chill and snow affected the southern coast and the Channel Islands, north-east England and Eastern Scotland.
There are less that  60 days until the UK is due to leave the European Union and whereas we may not have a snowstorm we are facing a shitstorm as we experience a mixture of food and medicine shortages.

Wales online report that And the Welsh Government has published a website called Preparing Wales detailing what it believes will happen if there is no deal.
The Wales online say says: 
"The Welsh Government has been clear since the EU referendum result that a disorderly no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Wales.
"Since the 2016 referendum, we have worked constructively in Wales, Westminster and Brussels to deliver a deal that works for Wales, which protects our people, our economy and our environment.
"But as it has become clearer a no deal outcome is a real possibility, so we have been actively increasing our preparations to safeguard the interests of Wales and its people."
The website, which will be updated as information changes, covers a number of different topics:
People should not stockpile medication as this could cause supply disruption.
At this stage, the Welsh Government says it does not anticipate the cancellation of operations, and A&E and GP services will continue to function as normal.
"We do not anticipate any immediate impact on day-to-day NHS or social care services – primary care and hospital services will continue to work as normal and we do not expect planned or emergency operations to be cancelled in the event of a no deal Brexit.
"This includes A&E care, social care, GP and dentist services."
Over the last year, the Welsh Government, UK Government and pharmaceutical industry have been working to maintain the supply of medicines and drugs for people in the event of a no deal.
In Wales, extra steps are being taking to prevent clinicians having to write longer NHS prescriptions....
It continues....  
The website says that the "precise impact" is not known, "but we do know that the likely impact of a disorderly exit from the EU would be of a scale that could result in some potentially significant disruption to aspects of day-to-day life.

"The Welsh Government is working closely with our public and private sector partners and other organisations and institutions across Wales to put in place plans to try to reduce this impact as far as possible and protect the smooth running of public services.

"At this stage, there are no immediate actions people need to take to prepare for a no deal outcome in terms of our own daily lives bu
t it is vital that everyone is aware of the potential impacts and are informed as and when circumstances change." 

I have considered stock pilling essential  medicine like insulin and ramipril (High blood pressure)and tinned food , not because I have confidence in the UK Government , making sure we are supplied, but because I have no desire to make the situation worse and deprive people who are more dependent that me on such supplies.

I find it extraordinary however  that we have got our self into such a mess even more so when the main opposition party under Jeremy Corbyn completely failing to oppose this.

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