Tuesday, 10 July 2018

What a mess is there any solution?

 Such is the state of Brexit this blogger openly admits he hadn't a clue to a solution.

 What difference would a General Election make  given that the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn would seek a hard brexit in the same manner as Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson?

Wales' first minister has called for a general election as Theresa May is rocked by the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis over Brexit.

Mr Jones gave his initial reaction to the two resignations via Twitter, saying:
"This endless infighting is a betrayal of those who want Britain to secure the best possible Brexit deal."
He said the UK government is "in complete disarray over Brexit".
"We need action now to resolve this chaos - businesses need certainty and the country needs leadership and direction," he added.
Later, he told BBC Wales: "It's beyond parody now.
"We need a different government with a different view on Brexit in order for us to see a Brexit that's sensible and not one that's driven by the internal dynamics of a party that's riven into pieces."...
......"Now is the time for sensible people to come forward, and businesses are doing this, and say, OK, we respect the result of the referendum.
"But let's get a Brexit that works best for Britain not one that works best really for a small group of very rich people, I've noticed, who are calling for the hardest form of Brexit."'

A Labour government  would see an almost immediate challenge to Corbyn in which some on the right will seek to replace him claiming that they are doing so because he will not stop a hard brexit.

How far Mr Corbyn's Momentum supporters   will back thier hero even if they do not agree with his  hard brexit position is vital,

The result however could be as much chaos as that in the Tory party and government now.

Even the so called  People's Vote"  will not solve things if it led to Remain victory than the Brexiters will create a "stabbed in the back  story" and would seek a third  referendum on the back of a xenophobic right wing platform,

I said I had no solution, that's because I live in Wales for our Scottish Friends there is a choice to get out of the whole sorry mess and vote for Independence  and remaining in the EU.

I urge them to do so.  

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