Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Wales expected to pay if Obama falls ill?

The Wasting Mule reports that ,

 Foreign delegates visiting Wales for September’s NATO summit are to get free healthcare,
 It says
Health Minister Mark Drakeford last week used powers to ensure heads of state, officials and others connected to the summit would not have to pay for emergency treatment needed while in the country.
The same powers have been used to exempt Commonwealth Games and European Athletic Championship participants using Welsh facilities from paying for emergency healthcare when they have been in Wales.
Welsh Government spokesperson said costs to the NHS would be minimal, and that it was usual practice during global events.
They said: “We are delighted Wales will be hosting the NATO summit in September. This is a major international event, which will put Wales in the global spotlight.
“The regulations provide the flexibility for delegates to the NATO summit to receive free, immediate and necessary treatment from the NHS, should the need arise.
“Non-emergency treatment will only be exempt from c
harging if the need for treatment arises during the visit.
I don't want to sound niggardly but   its not the Welsh Assembly Government that is hosting this event but Westminster .

Will the Welsh NHS be reimburse for any costs incured.

Indeed just how much the NATO summit is costing the Welsh government?

The argument  may be that the benefits outweigh the costs.

But as we have no say in this should we be expected to potentially drain even a small sum from out already dwindling coffers?

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