Thursday, 17 July 2014

Someone remind Gareth Edwards, It's the British and Ireland Lions

Wales  Online have  a article on the Welsh stars from all walks of life have added their voices to the debate on Scottish independence by appearing in a campaign video called Let’s Stay Together.
Rugby legend Gareth Edwards, former footballer Ian Rush, Paralympian Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and actor John Barrowman have all taken part in the film, which is set to the Queen song You’re My Best Friend.

Gareth Edwards  part is most interstinhg
He and the Better Together seem to have forgo-ten  that it is the British and Irish Lions composing of the UK and er Independent Ireland .
Indeed surely it shows that Independent countries can cooperate together in a common campaign.

The Lions surely point to an Independent Scotland still working with the rest of the UK and as does Ireland no
tr be completely  cut of as Project Fear suggests.

The response from some quarters in Scotland  seems to be who are these people anyway?

As do I in some cases

John Barowman Welsh ? Is this him?

I only recognised Ian Rush because he recently been in the news because of the  22 year age gap between her and his Girlfriend Carol Anthony 30.

So we have people  few in Scotland will recognise and one who seems to think Ireland is part of the UK.

Desperate measures from the NO campaign .

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