Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Son Also Rises.

Wales Online and the South Wales Echo report that RCT council’s controversial plans to give senior officers pay rises in order to make wider savings for the local authority have been deferred.
In a confidential report put before Rhondda Cynon Taf council last week, three of the authority’s most senior members of staff were recommended to receive a 15% pay increase – to coincide with the deletion of four chief officer posts which would save the council £250,000.
RCT Council says the pay rises were warranted because of the increase in responsibilities of the officers, brought about to cover the responsibilities of the deleted roles.
But, although it is claimed that would save the authority close to a quarter of a million pounds, the move to give increases to senior staff members amid RCT Council’s current financial crisis was lambasted, with RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat campaign manager Karen Roberts who seems to have the ear of the Echo reporter credited   with leading the criticism 
The matter was discussed at a press and public-exempt item at last Wednesday’s full council meeting, and it is understood many councillors raised their objections to the proposals.

An RCT Council spokesman said: 
“On Tuesday, July 22, the Council’s Appointments Committee supported the recommendations of the Chief Executive and Director of Human Resources, which proposed achieving savings of almost a quarter of a million pounds through the deletion of four Chief Officer posts by spreading these responsibilities across three existing officers.“The matter was then referred to Council for further consideration and ratification.“Following news that a further Group Director post will become vacant, the Leader of the Council moved deferment of the Appointments Committee’s recommendations to allow the opportunity for an expanded review of the Council’s senior management structures.
“The Council Leader confirmed he wished to seek more significant savings and reductions in Chief Officer numbers by spreading remaining responsibilities across other posts.”
Christian Hanagan who in 2004 stood for a Labour election councillor  and was appointed in 2008 without an Interview  is  currently the head of strategy and public relations is  the son of cabinet member for education and lifelong learning Eudine Hanagan, was one of the three senior officers in line for a pay rise.
The spectre of Labour's nepotism looms large once again

So as head of public relations it looks like Hanagan junior is responsible for putting the current cabinet  and his own mother in a good light.
Indeed his department is responsible for the copy of "Pravda on the Rates  also known as Oulooknews  pushed through my door this week
If Labour were to lose control of RCT what would the position be . Would this rag of a propaganda sheet be less loyal to the ruling group with a opposition councilors son and party supporter in charge of it?
Of course its not Christian Hanagan's fault he is his mother son and he may have been the best person for the job but as I said, having been appointed without a interview we have no way of knotting.

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