Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Aberaman North Byelection

The Aberaman North Byelection  on Rhondda, Cynon, Taff (Lab Defence) was held by Labour but with much reduce majority.


Sheryl Evans Labour 356 (39% -42%), 
Andrew Thoma Independent 276 (31%), 
Hylie Willaims Plaid Cymru 228 (25% +6%)
Mia Hosling  TUSC 23 (3%)
Lewis Israel  Conservatives 20 (2%)

Labour HOLD with a majority of 80 (8%) on a swing of 36.5% from Labour to Independent

Despite this it reflected a major drop in the Labour vote fro 2012

ANTHONY CHRISTOPHER Welsh Labour 900 Elected
LINDA DE VET Welsh Labour 781 Elected
WAYNE LLOYD Plaid Cymru 396  

There has  be speculation  that if there had been a straight fight  particularly between  the  Independent Andrew Thomas and Labour then the former would have won  . This was mooted on the Abedare Online Blog which Andrew is involved in.

The Link seems to be down at the moment so you might want to try the Twitter page and link there.

Few council seats are a straight fight these days. Indeed we have despite the paltry vote a Conservative candidate. in Aberaman North .

But if there is a situation where there are campaigners who may be have worked together and who come from different political (or none) and such a vacancy and opportunity arises en maybe the should consider some agreement.

One other thing this Blog has come despite the piss poor information on the RCT website  which should try and make things more accessible . 

It is shameful that Harry Hayfield at political betting anfd ALDC website are more informative than the council that run the election.

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