Friday, 25 July 2014

Coming to your village a toxic nuclear dump.

Wales has long suffered d from the scars of its industrial past from the Slag heaps of the South Wales coalfield and  the pollution from the pollution from the Phurnacite Abercwmboi plant to the mountains of slate in places like Blaneau Ffestiniog the legacy blights out landscape and will remain for years but maybe we had a Welsh Government plan to clear the landscapes

Now we have the possibility Communities could be handed £40m 'bribe' just to consider a nuclear waste dump seven times larger than the Albert Hall being built beneath them 

According to the Daily Mail....

Villages and towns could be paid more than £40million just to talk about allowing nuclear waste to be buried deep below their land.The no-strings offer was announced yesterday as Ministers search for a site to build a bunker for all the nuclear waste ever produced in England and Wales.Officials say the dump should be sited in a position where it is fully accepted by local people, but admit the best way to do so is to include a financial incentive.

LibDem Energy Secretary Ed Davey  once a vocal anti-nuclaer campaigner said the area that eventually hosts the bunker will benefit from significant investment and hundreds of new jobs will be created.

At what cost who is going to bring employment to are with a massive nuclear dump and even if it benefits one community   what about neighbouring towns and villages?  They will suffer from this .

How many mile away would you like to be living or working from a Nuclear Waste Dump?

We always have proponents of Nuclear Power  like those in favour of a new Wylfa plant pointing to the employment advantages.

But what about the long term negative affect of having a Nuclear Power station as people are put off  investing in a company next to such a station and the weighing the risks involved.

The thought that future generations will suffer for short term financial gains (however lucrative).

Once again this seems to apply only to England and Wales and it shows our legislative poverty compared with Scotland in that it seems the Welsh Assembly Government may have no say in this.

But with Plaid stand on Nuclear Power confusing to say the least just ask Mike at Syniadau.

But let's be honest the problem is the creation of Nuclear waste not the disposal . 

How can we ask others to take our own polluted waste .

hat would the reaction be on Ynys Mon if the people there were told that if they wanted  a new Wylfa  plant they should be prepared to accept the waste that goes with it.


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  1. A leaked diplomatic cable from England to the USA in 2009 stated that north Wales was a good place to dump toxic waste.