Thursday, 19 June 2014

When Paxman lost the Plot (Remember this Peter Black).

You may well ask the question of Peter Black , why in his post on the retirement of  Jeremy Paxman he didn't have time to show the one clip that left the great integrator completely flummoxed?

Even the Huffington Post managed to remember this sublime moment 

"The irascible anchor, infamous for giving a savaging to interviewees, may have thought he was in for an easy ride when he took on the Welsh politician of Plaid Cymru, Dr Eurfyl ap Gwilym.
In an image far removed from the steely argument assassin with whom millions of viewers are familiar, Paxman was reduced to stammering and leafing through pages of notes after being comprehensively out-manoeuvred by the Welsh economic adviser.
 The broadcaster was left flummoxed during an argument over why Plaid was calling for more cash for Wales when the country apparently already got more than every English region.But in an example of how well-presented statistics can give you the edge in an argument, the Plaid adviser pointed out that London is in England and gets 115% of average UK public funding per head against 112% for Wales.
Popping on his glasses and faffing around with papers, Paxman can be heard uttering an anguished "Urghhhh Gawwwwwd," before trying to suggest that London was not a region.
With a final knock out blow, Dr ap Gwilym suggested Paxman do his homework and cheerfully added that London is classified as a region by the Treasury".
So its a bit mean of Peter not to even mention this  but the giving credit to a Plaid Politician is not something he particularly lies doing.


  1. I don't wish to be rude, but it is you that seems to have a massive chip on your shoulder. Why bring Peter Black into your blog? It's like you're obssessed. Black's blog was on Paxman's best bits (a tribute), so it's quite reasonable that he didn't post the awesome Dr ap Gwilym clip.

    I would say the ap Gwilym clip is much better viewing than any of Paxman's best bits. But that just means I would enjoy a blog about ap Gwilym than I would over a Paxman greatest hits.

  2. Well I just thought Peter would just mention it.

  3. Well you should have just been content that he missed a trick!

    I appreciate you allowing the previous post. Cheers.

    1. I have no problem with criticism especially if i can learn from it.

    2. The answer is quite simple. I was in a hurry and took the clips off the Independent piece that I quoted and linked too. The clip you refer to was not one of them. Simples really. Nothing more sinister than that.

    3. OK Peter but it still a pity you missed it.