Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dr Who is made in Wales its not a Welsh programme.

For some reason  Ian Jones, the chief executive of S4C, g evidence to a Westminster’s Culture, Media and Sport select committee looking at the future of the BBC seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the main  Welsh Media. and its only through the Blog Daily Wales that I found  this out 

As they say Mr Jones said  said that while BBC Wales promotes the success of its UK network programmes such as Dr Who and Casualty, their programme output for and about Wales continues to decline.
The production of Doctor Who and Casualty in Wales – it’s good, it’s extremely good, it helps the skills base, helps competition and it helps the perception of producing, but I don’t think that’s the issue. That is in fact a red herring.”
“I think the people of Wales would appreciate more programming – more local programming through the medium of English.
“If I have any criticism of the BBC in Wales, that criticism is shared by former BBC directors in Wales and, I suspect, the current BBC director, in that there’s been a substantial decrease in programming produced and commissioned over the years in the English language for the people of Wales and we would support on all levels increasing that.”

This follows an a similar  points made by  BBC’s Director General, Tony Hall,  and that BBC Wales was failing its audience. 

Despite BBC Wales’ very real success, we must also acknowledge that English language programming from and for Wales has been in decline for almost a decade. The reduction in ITV Wales’ contribution has played a big part in this – but the BBC’s output has also been eroded.
“What does that mean for audiences here? It means, inevitably, that there are some aspects of national life in Wales that are not sufficiently captured by the BBC’s own television services in Wales, and I would include comedy, entertainment and culture in those categories.”

It would be Interesting to compare BBC Wales with BBC Scotland to see how many hours are produced by the two which are specific to them.

And especially after you remove News and Factual programs. Though the Wikipedia page for Scottish TV seems to contain many that were simply made in Scotland.

Some years ago we could watch the incredibly fumy Scottish Comedy Still Game  but we never got to see all seasons. Presumably London Audiences didn't like it.

But we can't go on with the situation where we have BBC Wales boasting about  DE Who and Casualty being made in Wales whilst we have to seek out anything that relates to us that involves even a quarter of the production cost of the two.

Is it not time the Assembly investigated broadcasting in Wales.  especially regarding what may be an agenda by the BBC to see the death of S4C by a thousand cuts

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