Monday, 2 June 2014

All Women Shortlist may not be the answer, but we need one badly.

The BBC reports that

"A Labour MP at the centre of a row over an enforced all-women shortlist to replace her says local party members should be allowed to make their own decisions.
The Cynon Valley constituency needs a replacement as MP Ann Clwyd retires at next year's general election.
They have been told the new candidate must be chosen from a female-only shortlist.
The edict, from the Welsh Labour party, and has angered some local members.
Some now want to meet urgently with Labour, which says it has a proud record of increasing diversity in politics.
Local secretary Alun Williams said the constituency needed the best candidate, regardless of their sex, and the local party was being "taken for granted".
Ms Clwyd said she did not want to influence the process, but added: "It's completely up to the people in the party locally to make their own decision."

Whatever you think about All Women Short List you must admit  the number of Women MPS  who have  represented  Welsh constituencies is woeful I have prepared a List  of them (which I hope is accurate but please correct me).


  • Megan   Lloyd  George Anglesey Liberal  1929-21/Carmarthen  Labour 1957-66
  • Eirine White Flint East  Labour 1950-70
  • Dorothy Ress Barry  Labour 1950-51
  • Jackie Lawrence Preseli  Labour , 1997 -2005.
  • Betty  Williams Labour Conwy 1997-2010
  • Ann Clwyd, Cynon Valley, Labour Cynon Valley Labour 1984-
  • Julie Morgam Cardiff North  Labour  1997 –  2010
  • Jenny Willott, Cardiff Central, Lib Dem Libertal Democtat 2005
  • Jessica Morden, Newport East, Labour  2005
  • Nia Griffith, Llanelli,  Labour 2005-
  • Sian James, Swansea East, Labour 2005
  •  Madeleine Moon, Bridgend, Labour 2005
  • Jessica Morden, Newport East, Labour 2005
  •  Susan Elan Jones, Clwyd South, Labour  2010
To date there has been no Plaid or Tory Female MPs though unless there's a disaster in Dwyfor Meirionnydd Plaid should get their first next year.
Clearly we are wasting a great deal of Talent and whilst I accept the list above especially the current crop have hardly set Welsh pol tics alight the same could be said for the Men who represent us at Westminster.

The problem with All Women Shortlist is that it has been used by the Labour Hierarchy to impose candidates who are compliant with the Leadership and the Blair Babes of 1997 certainly give that impression.

I do not believe more Women will improve Parliament just because they are Women . They will behave just as badly as the men but we are clearly wasting talent 

But it is ridiculous the  since women were given the vote only a small number from Wales have sat on the Green Benches at Westminster.

It is 2014 for heavens sake and our Legislature whether in Westminster or Cardiff bay should by now be approaching 50/50 but  even with the efforts some parties have put in to improve this we seem as far as way as ever . 


  1. You’ve forgotten the formidable and hardworking Betty Williams who was the Member of Parliament for Conwy from 1997 to 2010. She remains very active and has done some campaigning for Mary Wimbury, Labour candidate for Aberconwy next year.

  2. Thanks Bill I have amended the list