Saturday, 21 June 2014

Wales the general election battleground in 2015.

So it seems that the battle ground for the next General Election May been  fought here in Wales 
After constant  attacks by the Tories on the  way the NHS  works here .
Ed Miliband  and Ed Bals  visited wales yesterday  and appear to suggest that we are a model of what a Labour Government in Westminster will look like
Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls in what must be one of the most absurd statements from the man , claimed  yesterday that Wales is “leading the whole of the United Kingdom, finally, into economic recovery.”

From the Mule we heard that 
Mr Miliband spoke after an unprecedented joint meeting between his Shadow Cabinet and Carwyn Jones’ Welsh Cabinet at GE Aviation in Nantgarw, Rhondda Cynon Taf, which was followed by a question-and-answer session involving employees.Praising the Welsh Government’s Jobs Growth Wales apprenticeship programme, he said: “We’ve had a chance to show the difference a Labour government can make, and the difference a Labour government can make here in Wales. 10,000 people are about to be helped by Jobs Growth Wales and that shows the difference you can make economically by having a Labour government. I think that’s 10,000 reasons why Labour can make a difference.”Mr Miliband said holding the joint meeting had been an opportunity for his team and the Welsh Government to learn from each other. He said: “As a politician elected to Parliament after devolution, I’m relaxed about differences and the way different things are done in different places. One of the things we can learn from is Jobs Growth Wales, which isn’t being done in England. It’s been great for members of the Shadow Cabinet to meet their Cabinet counterparts in Wales and talk to them about what they’re doing.“We’ve got to do a lot better at working together in government and strengthening the institutions we have. There’s a Joint Ministerial Committee, which sees the Prime Minister and others coming together. I want to see those arrangements strengthened. Co-operation and learning from each other is absolutely fundamental to my approach to devolution and to the constitution.”

If you ever watch Prime Minister Question Time it largely consist of English Tory MPs  jumping up and claiming jobless figure had fallen in their Constituency sometimes claiming personal credit and pointing to youth figures in particular.

So we have to Governments each claiming credit what might well be manipulated figures on a recovery . When we look around at the work available and wonder how as we see out council services devastated and a very bleak future with a  Governments  using the crisis to destroy the welfare state abetted by a Labour Party who are afraid to challenge it on welfare reform. and Assembly government with no ambition and vision.

The real farce is that when the Election comes we are supposed to believe one or the other whilst in fact it is clear neither deserve it.

Can the Welsh electorate continue to be fooled by these two appalling governments

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