Thursday, 10 September 2020

Time to own our home completely.

 Your family have lived in the same house (Cartref)for centuries, they  once owned it but centuries ago they woke up and found that your neighbour claimed that they owned it and over the years they convinced you that you were  equal partners in a company that shared an estate (Albion Homes) and whats more owned land in many parts of the World.

One part of the estate (Hibernia House) however a hundred years ago said their house was theirs and they left, after much argument , though Albion Homes convinced some to remain with them in what became a resented  and sometimes violent dispute, held on to part of the house and converted it in to a flat.

Some of your ancestors, argued that they too should own own their own and another part of the estate Caledonia cottage announced that it was time that they owned theirs and it looks like they are going to do so.

Over time Albion Homes lost their lands in other parts of the World, and indeed entered into partnership with  a others (Europa ltd) in what was claimed a mutual scheme that benefited everyone. Effectively sharing the Freehold

Twenty years ago your family got partial control of your home though Albion claimed to still hold the freehold, and still claimed their owned the building and land.

Europa Ltd however were actually  beneficial they helped with repairs and improvements and did not impose and did not put to many restrictions on how you did.

But a few years ago Albion convinced you into leaving Europa Ltd  promising  huge benefits, if you agreed to support it and you did.

It now turns out that Albion now claim full control of the Freehold, though you thought  that the sough of investment money that came from Europa Ltd would pass to you.

Effectively Albion now say they will decide on many of the home improvements, even if you say you don't want them .

Is it not time we demanded to own our home outright.

Maybe deciding to rejoin Europa Ltd but thsi time as a partner.

We may have been given the "Key of the Door" twenty years ago but still are not Masters in Our Own home, it's time we we were.

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Brainless7 said...

Succinctly and precisely descriptive of the Way perfidious Albion operates and controls.