Monday, 7 September 2020

Does Drakeford support the right for Wales to call an Indy referendum.

 One wonders just exactly Mark Drakeford actually believes.

 Only last week speaking to Sky News, leader of the Welsh Labour Party and First Minister for Wales Mark Drakeford revealed how it could happen.

"He insisted no prime minister should have the right to stand in the way of an independence referendum in either Scotland or Wales if the people wanted one. In other words, should he be in Number 10, Keir Starmer should not block a vote on Scotland breaking away from the UK in the way Mr Johnson is currently doing.

 "I am very clear that if a population in Scotland, or indeed in Wales, wanted to hold a referendum it is for the people of Wales and the people of Scotland to make that decision," Mr Drakeford told me.

"And then that decision must be respected. So that's my starting point... is that no Labour leader should argue that the component parts of the United Kingdom can be prevented from navigating a future for themselves."

But only in July he and his Labour Colleagues  joined with the Conservatives and Brexit Parties in  rejecting  a Plaid independence referendum motion that simply asked that the Senedd claimed the right to call one.

Let's be clear it was a motion for the right to call an independence , nit to call one.

Mr  Drakeford has rightly gained much Kudos from his handling of the Corana Virus and his profile had risen considerably.

 He may however be concerned that  a majority of those who voted Labour at the 2019 General Election would back Welsh independence if a referendum was held tomorrow, according to a new YouGov the figures adjusted to remove those who refused to answer, didn’t know or said that they wouldn’t vote, 51% of respondents who voted for Labour said they would vote for Welsh independence with 49% against.The polling also showed that the majority in Wales believed the power to call a referendum on Welsh independence should lie with the Senedd rather than Westminster.

The lesson from Scotland, is clear if Labour fail to join the Independence surge they risk haemorrhaging votes to the "Nationalists" as they have in Scotland.

It must be remembered during and after the Scottish Independence referendum , not one Labour MP or MSP backed  a YES vote or decided to cross the floor to the SNP or some other Pro-Indy party.

Labour is a Unionist Party and I see no signs  that any senior member is even Indy curious.

Prehaps we should admire their honesty and as the Indy Wales wave builds to a Tsunami , they will cling to the wreckage as their colleagues in Scotland.

Mark Drakeford  however will probably be gone has he has said he will not serve  a ful terms First Minister in the next Senedd.

One wonders what is stance will be fee from his loyalty to London branch HQ. 

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