Sunday, 7 June 2020

Don't think claiming "All Lives Matter" hides your racism.

I have been a pacifist for most of my life and abhor violence in all forms regardless of colour or religion or for any reason.
So I actually do believe that "All Lives Matter" , but the events in the USA are not a recent development it has been abundantly clear that if you are Black there then you face the prospect that if you are arrested by the Police you actually could face the prospect of being beaten up or even killed even in a miner case that might be resolved without an arrest if you were white.
I am disappointed no disgusted  but not surprised with posts like this

They are often posted by those who often feed racist and Islamophobic rhetoric under some "Law and Order" issue such as "Muslim grooming gangs" despite the fact that there is no evidence that such behaviour is more prominent amongst Asians in Britain or asking the question whether it has come to light because of the colour of the perpetrators and that"White grooming gangs go unnoticed".

No body arguing that "Black Lives Matter" is suggesting that Black lives are more important than white, but that All Lives Matter " including those who  face discrimination from the Police in the USA and yes the UK because of the colour.

It is due to the fact that many people have camera phones, that  has allowed ordinary members of the public to film the arrest of people and how Black People seem to face excessive violence and as in the case of  George Floyd  murdered by the action of the Police arresting him under the suspicion of passing a forged bank note.

Just imagine yourself going to your local shop and inadvertently paying for goods with a forged banknote , you may expect to see the police call . but you wouldn't expect that would lead to even your immediate arrest and not your death which is precisely what happened to George Floyd.

However if you are Black whatever the accusation and no matter how minor it is clear that for some Police Officers in the US then depending on your colour the action could lead to them killing you and it it is this and a culmination of similar deaths by a racist police force (yes racists)  that has led to such anger.

So if you think that claiming "All Lives Matter" does not hide your racism I and many see through you.

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