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Welsh Labour government which should be thirFlagship-but is more of old wreck

I am biased of course , but Adam Price's performance on the recent two "Leaders Debate has been impressive. Not  that ypu would get the impression from the London media.

Indeed  it is telling that the two most impressive leaders Adam Price and Nicola Sturgeon sem to be left out of most of the coverage.

Whether Adam's participation will lead to many switching their vote is open to question .

Wales Online  in what is a pretty unscientific poll reports that
"Our poll suggests readers narrowly thought Labour's Mr Burgon, the party's candidate in Leeds East and shadow justice secretary, was the winner of the debate, giving him a rating of 65%.
However he would have been helped by the fact that just over one third of the respondents (38%) said they were planning to vote Labour.
Plaid leader Adam Price was arguably the biggest overperformer. Only 16% of the people who took part in the poll are planning to vote for a Plaid Cymru candidate in the December 12 poll yet they gave him the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr AM the second highest rating of 63%.
The Conservatives, who were represented by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak, and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage were both scored 61% by WalesOnline readers.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was close behind with a rating of 60% when people were asked to score the party representatives on 'how they did in the debate'.
Green Party co-leader Sian Berry less impressed WalesOnline readers with a 55% rating while the least popular was Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, who only scored 51%".

However for Adam it was more of a chance to raise his profile ahead of the 2021 Senedd election.

"At the culmination of a debate that started with lengthy exchanges about policing and terror legislation in the aftermath of Friday’s London Bridge attack, and touched heavily on Brexit, Mr Price drew laughter from the audience as he briefly left Labour’s Richard Burgon silenced by asking repeatedly about the absence of the type of social care reforms in Wales described in Labour’s plans for government in Westminster.

Addressing Labour’s shadow justice secretary - who was standing in for Jeremy Corbyn - Mr Price said: “I think this is one of the most important questions of this general election. I see it in my own family, I see it in my 80-year-old mother having to try to negotiate the complexity of a means-tested system to care properly for my 84-year-old father. It comes to the basic question of whether we are a decent society.
“And again, I don’t mean to bang on about this, but why is it when you’re in government in Wales - you’ve had free social care in Scotland - why can’t we have it in Wales? The thing about a national health and social care service is it’s free at the point of care for social care users. You could do it in Wales now, why don’t you?”
In response, Mr Burgon said: “We need, in Wales, and across the country, we need an end to austerity. The way to achieve that is to get a Labour government. I wish Adam would realise, the people who’ve made the lives of people in Wales is actually the Conservatives who’ve been in government for the last 10 years.”
But as host Julie Etchingham attempted to move the debate on, Mr Price continued his point, asking: “You keep on saying how disappointed you are in me, not half as disappointed as I am in your government in Wales. If it’s possible in Scotland, answer me this, why is it not possible in Wales where you’re the party of government?”
As the camera turned to Mr Burgon glaring silently at Mr Price rather than responding, loud laughter was heard from the audience.
Mr Burgon eventually responded: “There have been huge cuts to Wales from the Government in Westminster, there have been big achievements by the Welsh Government in relation to the NHS.”
Indeed Mr Burgeon  and Labour may reflect on how they think they can attaclk the SNP  running of thre NHS  in Scotland , which many would argue despite many failings is the best run in the whole of the UK whilst defending the Welsh Government with "Its all the Tories fault" line"

What an incredible statement. Its not "talking down" the NHS,it is attacking the absolute denial by your party that you are failing it by mismanaging it at the most important Governmental level.
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Adam Price is talking down our NHS again
The Welsh NHS remains true to its founding values – more patients are now treated than ever before; more people are surviving cancer than ever before. No new PFI in Wales, an NHS that has stayed in public hands. #ITVDebate
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Jeremy Corbyn can go to Scotland and  attack the SNP government and come up with plans for free social  care in England, but the SNP has already done so, whilst the Welsh Labour government which should be his Flagship is more of old wreck which should be taken to the scrapyard.

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