Friday, 13 December 2019

Tories gain in Wales with candidates who can't even pronounce the constituencies name..

I am knackered after staying up to watch the results and need to have a good rest before making any detailed analysis

But clearly the laurels go to the bloody Tories

 Ynys Môn falling to them and the increase of thier vote in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr , where they have little input into local government , shows how much the influence of London Centic Media have on Wales and large numbers  following the pattern in England

  • Jonathan Edwards (PC) 15,939 (38.87%, -0.43%)
  • Havard Hughes (C) 14,130 (34.46%, +8.19%)
  • Maria Carroll (Lab) 8,622 (21.03%, -8.75%)
  • Peter Prosser (Brexit) 2,311 (5.64%)
  • Plaid Cymru majority 1,809 (4.41%)
  • 4.31% swing Plaid to Conservative
  • Electorate 57,407; Turnout 41,002 (71.42%, -1.87%)
However Plaid can take much comfort in Ben Lake  in Ceredigion increasing his majority and probably a end to the Liberal Democrats challeging in the future.

  • Ben Lake (PC) 15,208 (37.92%, +8.69%)
  • Amanda Jenner (C) 8,879 (22.14%, +3.76%)
  • Mark Williams (LD) 6,975 (17.39%, -11.57%)
  • Dinah Mulholland (Lab) 6,317 (15.75%, -4.41%)
  • Gethin James (Brexit) 2,063 (5.14%)
  • Chris Simpson (Green) 663 (1.65%, +0.29%)
  • Plaid Cymru majority 6,329 (15.78%)
  • Electorate 56,250; Turnout 40,105 (71.30%, -3.89%

Once again the Liberal Democrats are without a seat in Wales and without a UK leader  as Jo Swinson narrowly lost her Dunbartonshire East seat to the SNP by just 149 votes.

Questions must be asked about the Remain alliance pact between Plaid and the Liberal Democrats  which seems to have benefited the Tories in some seats.

A bad night for Labour in Wales loosing  six seats  and now have only one seat  outside the their South Wales Valleys Bastion

election result map
For Plaid the biggest concern is how to boost their image in an increasingly "English"  media (and Tory biased)  election.

If the Tories can parachute candidates with very loose connections (to Wales) , including ones who can't even pronounce  the constituency name , then we are in deep trouble  as anation.

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Leigh Richards said...

"we are in deep trouble as a nation" - the contrast in the results between Wales and Scotland could not be greater. Indeed and as happened in the brexit referendum results in Wales mirrored those in England. And whether people like us like it or not Wales is much more like England than Scotland politically speaking. We are indeed in deep trouble as a nation Glynn - so much so it's not fanciful to speculate Wales' existence as a nation may come under threat in the coming years.