Saturday, 7 December 2019

Compared to the Vacuous, Bumbling, lying and treacherous Johnson . Corbyn is a model of integrity.

I think Jeremy Corbyn  won last nights debate against Boris Johnson, and  I find this rather odd


YouGov snap poll: Johnson wins 52-48

December 6th, 2019

YouGov / Sky News snap poll on the TV debate

Leaving aside your own party preference, who do you think performed best overall in tonight’s debate?

Boris Johnson: 52%
Jeremy Corbyn: 48%

621 people are talking about this

Given the CON voting poll lead that’s not that good for the PM

The CON majority betting has barely moved – still a 71% chance.

I doubt if many left their party preferences aside and i also take  the Wales Online poll that Jeremy Corbyn was the overwhelming winner of the final television debate of the election campaign,.

They say  that

At the time of writing, more than 1,300 people had completed our poll and given their thoughts on the hour-long debate on BBC One between Labour leader Mr Corbyn and Conservative leader Boris Johnson.Readers rated both men's contributions highly, giving Mr Johnson a 76% rating when asked to rate his performance in the debate.However Mr Corbyn was given an 86% rating when asked the same question and a convincing 84% said that he had been the winner of the evening, which covered a wide range of topics from Brexit to anti-semitism, trustworthiness, NHS funding and more.When asked why, readers answered commonly touched on whether the Conservative leader was trustworthy."Whilst Corbyn is obviously flawed; you’d have to be utterly clueless to trust a compulsive liar and fool like Johnson," wrote one."You can't believe a word that comes out of Bojo's mouth," wrote another.Many were frustrated by how often Mr Johnson repeated his mantra "get Brexit done". It was "like a broken record" said one person who took part in our poll.Others praised Mr Corbyn for "actually answering the questions" rather than just bringing everything back to Brexit.orbyn was very clear and sure , Johnson was waffling about a lot of things . Johnson must have said get Brexit done numerous times like a parrot," said one.Only 13% said Mr Johnson had won the debate. When asked to expand, some of them described the Labour leader as a Marxist or a Communist and one said his spending plans would "bankrupt the country".In common with the answers to our polls on the other television debates, very few people said that the event had changed their minds on how they would vote.The vast majority, 89%, said they believed Jeremy Corbyn would be the better prime minister. Nearly all Plaid voters (92%), most Lib Dems (77%) and just over half of Green Party voters (60%) had Jeremy Corbyn as their favoured prime minister.
As I said I doubt that those who took part in the survey were impartial, and I am certainly nor, but even if they  were  , today's tabloids will not say so and as I am sitting here the BBC Breakfast show are flashing pro Johnson headlines as they have done throughout the election.
Shouldn't the "impartial" BBC , avoid showing us clearly biased tabloid headlines giving the impression that this is actual news.

They should not dispaly Tabloid Tory Propaganda as News  especially during an election.
Corbyn has his fault and a total lack of appreciation of devolution in Wales and Scotland are a major one .
He is of course still a Unionist and London Centric and criticising the SNP for its handling of the SNP in Scotland (one of the best) , whilst ignoring the "Welsh" Labour government handling of it here in Wales (one of the worst). is hypocritical.
But compared to the Vacuous, Bumbling, lying and treacherous Johnson . Corbyn is a model of integrity.

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dafis said...

Lots of fundamental inconsistencies in the findings listed from that poll. Like all polls, not to be taken too seriously. Real poll, only one that matters happens next Thurs 12th.