Monday, 25 February 2019

We need to address our A.B.E attitude.

There was no Blog yesterday because I was celebrating all day Saturday after the epic win over England  in the Six Nations.

I watched it one of my locals and it was a great atmosphere, marred by one idiot attacking the one English Fan in the pub who bravely cheered  hi side on in a sea of red amongst good humoured banter and had rendered us with a verse  of "I can shove my £^&*ing  Chariot up my arse".

But as he was leaving as I said one idiot had a go at him but he was swiftly held back and there was no real physical contact.

That is as maybe, but it does perhaps warn us that the "As long as we beat the English we don't care" and Anyone But England (A.B.E.). to far.

For a start it does indicate a lack of ambition as a nation in that it is often cried by those who on Saturday found in themselves  a 80 minute patriotism  that they deny for the rest of the year.

I can't guarantee it but I suspect that Saturday's Pub Idiot who expressed an Anti-English racism,  also has disdain for independence and would never vote Plaid.

Indeed I have probably met more people  who are opposed to Independence and the use of Cymraeg  (apart from singing the anthem) than from Welsh "Nationalist"  and certainly not from those of us who prefer the able themselves  Independista.

Whether Plaid , Ein Gwlad or the broader YES CYMRU  movement , this no place for Anti-English racism even  the 80 minute Welshmen and Women.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to beat England at any sport , but it mist be met with an understanding that it is as far as it goes.

As the late Gwyn Alf Williams  used to say "It's the Bloody Welsh who are the problem" and we must blame ourselves not England or the English if we do not have the courage to  seek our own destiny.

England should remain as our major sporting rivals, but  personalty I would accept a defeat in the Six Nations for the chance o beat New Zealand especially on their own turf.

I am not arguing for the end of the "As long as we beat the English we don't care".   Anyone but England banter , but there must come a time when we are confident enough to widen our rivalry  , beyond the boarder  and prehaps  as an Independent Nation even cheer on our friends in White shirts wearing a Red Rose or Three Lions.

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