Monday, 4 February 2019

Has someone mixed up their Rocks?

One of Wales' most iconic Welsh monuments marking the flooding of a village has been painted over and replaced with 'Elvis'.
The painted message 'Cofiwch Dryweryn' (Remember Tryweryn) – a reference to the Welsh village that was flooded to provide water for Liverpool – was first daubed on a derelict wall at the side of the A487, overlooking Llanrhystud, in the early 1960s after the failure of a campaign to prevent the flooding.
The graffiti has since become an unofficial national landmark.
The memorial has been vandalised several times over the years but the latest defacement has sparked outrage on social media.
Aled Gwyn Williams, posting on Twitter, said: "It seems, against hope, that this has really happened. We have to call this what it is; an anti-Welsh hate crime. The mural was an iconic symbol of Wales' resistance to oppression, and this is an attack on that and on all of us. Resist."
For years campaigners have fought to save the wall, situated about nine miles south of Aberystwyth, against the ravages of time and erosion.
Dafydd Lewis, from Welsh language campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, previously stated: “Tryweryn was the catalyst really for the Welsh language movement in the ’60s, it was a wake-up call for many and sparked the fight for justice and the future of the Welsh language.
“Many people have taken the mantle of painting the wall over the years – it is one of the few examples of nationalistic graffiti that we have and has essentially put Llanrhystud on the map.”
Maybe the perpetrators mixed up their Rocks?
The Elvis Rock is a rock alongside the A44 in PowysWales, near its border with Ceredigion.[ It is also one of the most well known pieces of graffiti in Wales, with the word "ELVIS" written on it. The rock is located beside the main trunk road through the country, and appears out of context with the surrounding landscape.
Ironically the graffiti on the rock allegedly originally read “Elis” and was written in 1962 by John Hefin and David Meredith in support of a local Plaid Cymru candidate, Islwyn Ffowc Elis. The rock has been repainted several times, and at one point the text was totally obliterated. However the word “Elvis” has again reappeared on the rock and is still visible today.
I wonder if someone mixed up the two rocks and decided to repaint the wrong .
I am sure that the  'Cofiwch Dryweryn' will be repainted , but maybe it should be listed as a national monument , and given legal protection.
If a Banksy in nNeath Port Talbot can gain such instant recognition, then surely a monument to Tryweryn should also be .

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