Saturday, 12 August 2017

Why doesn't Brexit affect how we vote?

UK Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable may well be right in saying that Labour is directly contradicting Welsh Labour on Brexit, but does it register with voters?
Visiting Cardiff as part of a tour meeting party members, he said First Minister Carwyn Jones and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "are effectively in different parties" on the issue.
Sir Vince told BBC Wales:
 "At a UK level Jeremy Corbyn is working hands and glove with the May government in order to secure a hard Brexit, not just a Brexit but leaving the customs union, single market, all of those very good things."I'm aware that the Welsh Labour party is singing from a completely different tune but that is seriously dissonant. People are looking for some consistency."They know that the Liberal Democrats in Wales and at a UK level are completely clear and consistent that our future lies with Europe and minimising the damage from the Brexit."He said Welsh Labour's position "may make sense internally within their own group but at a UK level their own party is directly contradicting what they are doing."Carwyn Jones can distance himself as far as he likes from Jeremy Corbyn but they are effectively in different parties and I think the public can see through that
But it is clear if they do then they  don't seem to care.

Indeed Brexit doesn't seem to be affecting how people vote 

The Welsh Liberal Democrats along with the rest of the UK party had campaigned for Remain at the EU referendum, where Wales voted to leave the EU and have had high hopes as portraying themselves as the still Pro EU would see Remainers rallying around them

But they didn't they lost their last Welsh MP in may despite this tactic of claiming Plaid were in favour of Hard Brexit in a leaflet delivered in Ceridigion. 

A Tactic that backfired as they were exposed as being dishonest.

Indeed although the Tories hoped that May's election would be all about Brexit that to backfired and it seems other issues  were in peoples minds as they entered the polling Booths.

I am not saying this a good thing far from it and it may be that Labour failure to  vigorously fight a Hard Brexit has contributed  to the seeming acceptance no matter how reluctant of a Hard Brexit as inevitable.

To what extent Jeremy Corbyn is actually collaborating with the Tories to ensure a Hard Brexit is uncertain.

I suspect he is merely stifling the Remainers in his Parliamentary party who unfortunately suffer from being labelled as Blarites   and thinks that he will be swept into power as  the Tories are seen to be increasingly incompetent.

I honestly think Brexit and a hard one at that is inevitable and whilst I don't think we should give up the fight . We should be preparing for a future  of a Wales outside the EU frighting as it seems.

Some may think this will make the case for Independence clearer but i suspect it will give even more credence that Wales is too poor for Independence.

An argument I have always rejected but who listens to me.

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