Tuesday, 15 August 2017

BBC-Ukip Shit Stirring?

The other day I posed the questions
"You wonder at times whether the Media try and create a bandwagon especially when it comes to politics."
There certainly  seems to be a move to give credence to speculation which seems to have started in the Llandaff Studios

Why for instance have the Beeb  given space to a ridiculous call Plaid Cymru should "come together" with UKIP to "take Wales forward", according to Neil Hamilton.
UKIP's assembly group leader accused Plaid of not being a real opposition party but "Labour's lapdog".
 Mr Hamilton called for Plaid to appoint a leader willing to work with UKIP.
The AM for Mid and West Wales said he was responding to suggestions by Plaid's Rhun ap Iorwerth that it would go into coalition with Labour in the future if circumstances allowed.
Mr ap Iorwerth said on Tuesday he would consider standing as Plaid leader, if Leanne Wood were to step down.

Mr Hamilton blasted Mr ap Iorwerth and Ms Wood, saying:

 "Plaid will never progress under these faint hearts.
"They need a red-blooded leader like Adam Price or Neil McEvoy, both of whom are very effective AMs, hungry to break the cosy Cardiff Bay consensus."
Mr Hamilton added that
 "as a real nationalist party", UKIP would be "pleased to work with Plaid Cymru to take Wales forward".
Ukip is an English Nationalist Party for Christ sake  it has not  eally accepted Welsh Devolution and would happily see Wales absorbed into England its values are nothing like the Civic Nationalism of Plaid or the SNP 
He said Mr McEvoy recognised Labour had 
"failed Wales' working class".
"Real opposition means more than timid tub-thumping," he added.
"Opposition parties should come together to smash the tired and corrupt consensus which has turned Wales into the poorest part of the UK."
Former Tory MP Hamilton has never had the interest  of either the Welsh Working Class or Wales in general, his Party have no interest in the future of Wales as a Nation and will disappear after the next Welsh Election.

In response, Ms Wood tweeted
"Plaid Cymru is the home for all who are fed up with Labour misrule and want change".
She described Mr Hamilton's comments as a "dead cat deflection" from his own party's ongoing leadership issues.
There may be times when Plaid will vote with Ukip after all the latter is a populist party and who will come up with polices that will read well with the electorate even if they don't actually believe in it.
Expect Ukip to call for strengthen the Welsh Language Commission in the future.
But to oppose a government for the sake of opposition rather than scrutiny  is not the answer , It is the policy of Labour in Scotland who sometimes oppose the Scottish Government policy on Tuition fees and free prescription charges just because they are not in government.
Maybe its a mistake for me to give Legs to what is a BBC Wales-Ukip shit stirring exercise, but we need to ask why the BBC in Llandaff seem intent on creating speculation on the future of the Plaid Leader , they are there to report on the News not making it.


  1. Whether UKIP is to be taken seriously as a political force in Wales or not, the points Neil Hamilton makes are pertinent. There is no effective opposition, and we do need someone who is not afraid to make waves and tread on some toes to bring the existing shower to order. I really do not care whether it is the Tories, Plaid, or some other yet to be established party. One thing is clear: it cannot carry on as it is.

  2. Given the involvement of hamilton - and a local ukip assembly staff member - in helping to propagate the lies and smears of michella beadows and co in llangennech it is inconceivable that plaid would have any truck with that british nationalist rabble. And a rabble who appear to be on the brink of electing a neo fascist as their uk leader.

  3. As I said, whether UKIp or Hamilton are to be taken seriously is a moot point. The issue is, Wales has a weak government and a weaker opposition. There are very few barnstormers, and nothing particularly new coming from any direction.
    The politicians we do have are very good at criticising, but poor in putting forward ideas that are best for the country. We need an opposition leader of the calibre of Price or the charisma & thick skin of McEvoy. You cannot please everybody, so toes will need to be trodden on. Good leadership is selecting whose toes.