Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Staying in the EU to presevre another Union?

Today's  Wasting Mule Former plays on Home Secretary Alan Johnson launch today Labour’s campaign to keep the UK in the EU. claiming that  the forthcoming  EU referendum may trigger a constitutional crisis which could lead to the United Kingdom breaking apart and threaten “Britain’s very existence”.

according to the Mule

The 65-year-old ex-postman does nothing to play down the potential consequences of a UK exit and warns of the danger of “perishing by plebiscite”.

He can see the makings of a crisis if Wales or Scotland vote to remain in the EU but the UK is taken out on the back of English votes
He said: 

“I don’t think there’s many people who doubt if Britain votes to come out of Europe Scotland will vote to come out of Britain. That’s just the catalyst that Scottish Nats would need.
“And to be fair, if I was living in Scotland [and] Scotland voted decisively to stay in and the rest of Britain voted to come out, I think that would really cause a constitutional crisis.”
 Which appears to suggest he would if a Scottish resident he would support Independence in these circumstances.

It could of course be a simple ploy to argue that in order  to preserve the Union  people in England  would choose to remain in the European Union

 The Future of England Survey  in  2014 found that people south of the border are overwhelmingly against Scotland leaving the UK, with 59 per cent saying they would like the Union to stay intact and only 19 per cent favouring separation. there was also a feeling that  Scotland should ber punished.

And given the attitude of the "English" media  to the Scots voting for what they appear to be the equivalent of the Mau Mau  in   giving the SNP a Landslide in  May . I suspect the Media  will whip up such English Nationalism  with the attitude of "How dare Scotland have a say in this referendum" they won't of course claim that the EU is about England's future but that's what they mean.

This is not an Anti-English attack from me they are free to vote for  what is best for their Nation as we in Wales and those in Scotland are.

Unfortunately Wales appears to be more or less going to vote on similar lines to England and not have a distinctive  voice.

But Scotland  at the moment seems to be more likely to vote to stay in the EU which as they will not have a veto  lead more to question their place in the other Union.

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  1. yes the degree of eu skepticism in wales is disappointing, given how much wales benefits from eu membership. certainly the loss in tariff free trade wales enjoys with the eu and objective one money wont be compensated for by any government in westminister the campaign to pull the uk out of the eu is all about the interests of the south east of england.

    the only good consequence of a vote to leave would be that it would certainly hasten scottish independence.