Friday, 4 December 2015

Accusations of abuse after a vote? Looks familiar.

 it just me or is there a bit of deja vu  after a fresh row erupted over alleged bullying of MPs who voted to bomb so-called Islamic State in Syria?

Its al very  renouncement of the accusations laid against YES supporters in the Scottish Referendum seeing them labelled as Cybernats.

Labour will not accept abuse and intimidation "from whatever quarter it comes", Jeremy Corbyn has warned.

Labour MP Neil Coyle told MailOnline he had reported a threatening tweet to the police.

Chris Bryant MP spoke in the Commons Yesterday asking for security to be reviewed for MPs and their families.he Rhondda MP and the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons had voted in favour of air strikes.
He said: 

“Several members have had their officers barricaded. One member had her house surrounded. Many had photos of dead babies pushed through their front door at home. I gather today some members have received photographs of severed heads.
"MPs have broad shoulders, of course they do. But I ask on the leader to review the arrangements of members homes and officers. It’s not just about members but their families.”

 There have also been calls for deselection from Left Wing groups

Left Unity tweet

 and emails to MPs who voted with the government
 Kendall tweet

But I wonder is the worst examples that have been shown by the Media and honest criticism is being lumped with them .

Is it anyway just a temporary increase in the abusive  crap elected officials have to put up with every day?

Or the sort of attacks those opposed to the bombing have to put up with from the likes of the Sun and Daily Mail?

I deplore such abuse from both sides but its beginning to look like there an organised establishment campaign to pick appalling examples and Label all tar all of its opponents with the same brush.

 Or have I just become "a conspiracy theorist "?


  1. SNP-bad and now, Pacifist Labour-bad. Exactly the same media strategy, cherry picking and playing up negative comments, as used on those 'evil cybernats' in the 'borg-lite' SNP. Get used to it. Powerful forces want to bring Jeremy C. down.

  2. Have to agree with Anon, now Labour in England are suffering what we have had for the past three years. Propaganda, and we all recognise it as such from the various media outlets be it the BBC, SKY or ITV and of course the failing newspapers which are obviously being propped up because many of them would have gone to the wall if they were depending on sales. As Anon says, the Establishment want to see the back of Jeremy and just like they did with Michael Foot they will chip and chip away.

  3. Totally agree with the other comments, the right wing press, Tory Party, parts of the Labour Party and UK establishment are threatened by what Jeremy Corbyn stands for and will do all they can to discredit and destroy him and the more I think about Cameron’s terrorist sympathiser line, the more it reminded more of Thatcher’s enemy within line about the miners.

    They got the Oldham by election campaign and result badly election wrong aswell and it reminded me of the constant predictions of the SNP’s imminent collapse in support, mainstream media ain't what it use to be.

    As for Welsh MP’s like Wayne David attacking Corbyn saying he knows better on Foreign Affairs than his party leader, he’s proving how out of touch he is and he only got an unchallenged platform because it suited BBC Wales agenda to give it to him, it’s sick that the likes of Chris Bryant and Wayne David try and make themselves out to be victims when they voted for airstrikes knowing innocent lives will be lost.

  4. Not aware of mps who voted against extending the attacks on daesh into syria receiving death threats gyln. But it also should be noted theres no evidence these threats against people like neil coyle have come from members of the labour party - they seem to have come from supporters of the trotskyist dominated organisation 'momentum'.So when jeremy corbyn is criticised for 'not doing enough to stop these threats' its difficult to know what he could actually do about them?