Monday, 21 December 2015

Cardiff Council Labour Group "In Special Measures"?

 Cardiff Councilor Ralph Cook who after being suspended by the Labour Group quit it and is currently I believed suspended by the Labour  Party  following complaints about his  posting on Facebook regarding the Prophet Mohammad.may have given his critics further impetus with a recent post.

He writes 
The Cardiff Labour Group is in effect currently in "special measures": It has an adviser appointed by the Welsh executive to "assist" the Group in formulating the Council's budget - the same adviser was employed last year but the Group rejected all the recommendations put forward by him and the group of members (which included myself) who had worked alongside him. There are also two observers from the Welsh executive who also regularly attend Group meetings. The Group is entirely dysfunctional. The Group has a campaigning budget - contributed by members from their allowances - of somewhere near £100,000. Currently some of that money is being spent would you believe it on food for members at Council meetings. I have never eaten any of it because I believe Group campaign funds are for campaigning, not for filling bellies of people who can't be bothered to make or buy their own sandwiches.
Since he has deleted the entry on Mohammad I can not comment on it .

But his recent post above may be the main reason why Labour want to Mr Cook out of the Parry as well as the Council group,

It seems that  the Welsh Executive are concerned with the ongoing Civil War within the Cardiff Group even without Councilor Cooks presence.

What other Labour controlled Council has these special advisers "assisting" them I wonder?

But surely it is a matter of Public concern that unelected Labour officials seem to have a role in the running of the Council? With resignations and Political Coups it sometimes looks more like the plot for a BBC Wales for a cheap version of the Danish Political Drama Borgen

If it was any other party the Wasting Mule and its Sister paper the South Wales Echo would be investigating what is going on in Cardiff Council thoroughly.

We get occasional press reports and the odd Social Media comment but alas the majority of the residence of our Capitol are in the dare over what is going on in thier city hall.

They deserve better.

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