Friday, 6 November 2015

Ukip sends another "carpetbagger" to Wales.

Ukip’s  clearly are going to put a lot of effort in to next years Assembly elections with the news that their head of media is relocating to Wales as the party prepares for the May election  which it hopes to win its first AMs and transform the Welsh political landscape.

Alexandra Phillips argues that having people in the Assembly will ensure that Ukip will remain a political force even if the country votes to leave the EU in the coming in-out referendum.
She said:

 “I think Wales will be the first very definite step to demonstrating that Ukip is here to stay.“Whether people like it or not Ukip will be the big story of the Assembly elections, without a doubt. Actually, that’s good for everybody because it keeps everybody on their toes. “Support us or don’t don’t support us but actually be grateful for our existence, is what I would say

Polling analysis suggests Ukip could win as many as eight AMs and Ms Phillips predicts that Ukip will invigorate both the election and the Assembly.

One question Ms Philips might answer is  to what extent will Ukip campaign here be financed from outside Wales.

Al the Unionist Parties might be asked that question but I suspect if Ukip are going to campaign  as hard as they are indicating it will have to be bankrolled from over the boarder .

Just last Month Farage's Carpetbaggers in Wales had to  cancel their Welsh party conference which was due to take place later this month which led  speculation that they did not have many members wanting to come.

With Ukip predicted by some to win up to 8 seats in the assembly in May al on the Regional "Top Up"list  it May lead to an intriguing constitutional crisis in afew years time.

Elected Ukip  members are notoriously fractious with members resigning often to sit as Independents .

Now consider  the fact that we will see a EU referendum in the life of the next Assembly will some of the Ukip members believe that is enough possibly defecting to the Tories .

Mohammad Asghar came to prominence after being elected to the Welsh Assembly in 2007 as a member of Plaid Cymru on the list for South Wales East He is best known for being the first ethnic minority and Muslim member of the Assembly, and being the first AM who was a member of a political party to defect to another party.[ joining the Tories in 2008.

If Mr Asghar had died or resigned then the seat would have ben filled by a Plaid Nominee and some feel that it showed a major fault in the "Top Up system".

If a number of Ukip members elected on 2016 were to join the Tories then this could see many questioned asked  .

I don't see this as being impossible and its one among many that I hope Ukip flop spectacularly in May.

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