Friday, 27 November 2015

Pwllheli South byelection Non Party Independent gain from Llais Gwynedd

Pwllheli South (Llais Gwynedd defence) on Gwynedd
Result of ward at last election (2012): Llais Gwynedd 374 (60%), Plaid Cymru 252 (40%)
Candidates duly nominated: Michael Parry (Ind), Peta Pollitt (Llais Gwynedd), Hefin Underwood (Non Party Independent), Alan Williams (Plaid Cymru)

Michael Parry (Ind),                                         106  17.91%
Peta Pollitt (Llais Gwynedd)                              49     8.28%
Hefin Underwood (Non Party Independent)          269 45.44%
Alan Williams (Plaid Cymru)                              168 28.38%

Non Party Independent gain from Llais Gwynedd    

So an interesting result that  in that Llais Gwynedd  came last in a seat they previously  though Plaid will be disapointed it was not them that took the seat.

The winning cadisate Hefin Underwood is down as a Non Party Independent so might not join the Independent group and we can wonder if he has any political alliance?

His election has not changed the Dynamics of Gwynedd Council with Plaid short of a majority by One.

Thanks again to Harrt Hatfield over at politicalbetting  and Cai Larsen of Blogmenai fame for providing the information and credit to both of them.

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