Friday, 13 November 2015

HMRC closures in Wales are devastating for some communities.

The news that  HMRC is to shut all of its tax offices in Wales and open a new branch in central Cardiff is disturbing particularly as it seems that the Welsh Assembly will have some Tax powers in the future

HMRC will shut its Swansea and Porthmadog offices in 2019-20 while the existing Ty Glas site in Llanishen, Cardiff, will also shut at the same time.
The tax agency has confirmed it is to open a new regional centre in the capital in 2019-20. Wrexham’s office will also shut in 2020-21. An office in Merthyr is alr

Staff working at Cardiff are expected to move to the new building while a “significant number of people” from Swansea will likely be able to do so as well, a leaked briefing document said.

But the document adds that HMRC recognises the planned new regional centre will be out of reasonable daily travel for many people working in Swansea.
It is all part of a massive reorganisation of HMRC’s estate across the UK – with staff officially informed of the plans on Thursday.
Workers in Porthmadog and Wrexham  

HMRC said it currently had around 2,900 staff in Wales, including 350 in Wrexham, 300 in Swansea, and 20 in Porthmadog. 

20 in Porthmadog does not look a lot but in a small towneven a number such as this can be devastating. as Plaid Leader Leanne Wood said

"The loss in jobs in places .... with population centres that are quite small relatively speaking, has a much bigger impact than it would in areas of a bigger size where it would still be a huge problem,"

It could also mean that Welsh Language Provision by HMRc could be more difficult to obtain in the future

Unions have called for a high-profile consultation while there are warnings at the implications that closing the Porthmadog centre will have on the Welsh language.

It also reflects a worrying trend to divert al our resources to Cardiff.

I do not support Devolution or Independence  to emulate the UK state with Cardiff becoming like London a drain on other parts of the Nations sucking in al the  important government jobs.

Government agencies like HMRC shoild be devolving work outside its main Offices rather than consolidating jobs in one area.

We live in a digital age where Workers in Porthmadog could as easily be on the next floor as far as a Cardiff or even London HQ are concerned.

Can it be  a coincidence  these job losses will be happening in a department that has just been slated by a Commons committee for gross incompetence, and customer service

Fifty per cent of calls to HMRC go unanswered  because there's no one to answer them, and no one seems to be available to deal with the thousands of tax dodgers' names given to them by the HSBC leaker.

This is how Government works now  highlight a problem that you would probably try to suppress just before you make  drastic cuts through a reorgainsation.
Its not just in Wales and as Munguin's Republic points in Scotland it is  particularly poignant 

as HMRC workers were told by the NO campaign that the only way to save jobs in HMRC, was to vote No. (An independent Scotland wouldn't, it seemed, have needed tax collectors???)

Indeed, they even managed to get people from HMRC to stand outside with banners proclaiming their jobs were only safe within the pooling and sharing UKOK. Save our UK jobs! Vote NO, they pleaded with Scottish Voter in the referendum'

It certainly leaves a nasty Taste in the mouth of many workers in the future.


  1. Precisely...

    They came out in force on the side of the No/UKOK/Better Together campaign swallowing the pack of lies fed by Jim Murphy, Alistair Darling and their Tory overlords.

    The more No voters realise that they were used and abused as a means to an end - the better.

    It is a harsh lesson, but one that we on the YES side warned would happen, screamed it loud from the rafters until we were blue in the face, warned repeatedly pf the cuts, punishment, job losses and lack of respect that would be shown to Scotland if we voted No.

    The Tax employees are added to a growing list of No voters who are beginning to realise just what price came with their loyalty.

  2. But 3000 new tax jobs in London.

    Well I hope they learn to speak Welsh, and that Welsh people demand that they be dealt with in their own language.

    Two can play these bastards' games.

  3. This is the arrogance we can expect from London government agencies. Only when Wales shows it is ready to rule ourselves will be any respect.