Friday, 20 November 2015

Last Nights Byelections in Wales

 There were three Welsh Council Byelections last night and with one gain. one hold and a close second  Plaid were wearing the biggest grins 

Thanks to Harry Hayfield (Political Betting) and Blog Menai for the information.

Llanaelhaearn (Gwynedd)

 Result of council at last election (2012): Plaid Cymru 37, Independents 19, Llais Gwynedd 13, Labour 4, Liberal Democrats 2 (No Overall Control, Plaid Cymru short by 1) though Plaid have gained seats by Llais Gwyned defections
Result of wards at last election (2012):
 Llais Gwynedd 353 (50%), Non Party Independent 238 (34%), Plaid Cymru 85 (12%), Independent 32 (5%)

Aled Jones (Plaid Cymru )- 200
Wayne Issac (Llais Gwynedd) - 112
Eric Cullen (Ind) l - 99

Plaid Gain from Llais Gwynedd.

Last Time  Plaid Cymru 254 (57%), Labour 154 (35%), Liberal Democrats 35 (8%)

Gareth Roberts (Plaid Cymru)_ - 189
 Eirian Roberts (Lab) - 110   
Andrew Joyce (Lib Dem),19
Plaid Cymru hold

Kidwelly on Carmarthenshire (Lab defence) Result of council at last election (2012): Plaid Cymru 28, Labour 23, Independents 22, People First 1 (No Overall Control, Plaid Cymru short by 10)

Result of ward at last election (2012): Labour 571 (44%), People First 300 (23%), Independent 238 (19%), Non Party Independent 177 (14%)

Ryan Thomas (Lab) 288
Dilwyn Jones (Plaid)    248
 Fran Burke-Lloyd (Independent)   177
Stephen Bowen (People First), 58
Stephen Davies (Con) 53
Vivian Summers (Independent) 28

Holding Dewi  a Bangor seat where Labour is strong was a good result but  taking  Llanaelhaearn from Lais Gwynedd means that Plaid have probably seen off what was  a potential threat to their dominance Llais look like a spent force. 

Whereas the night was rather spoiled for Plaid with a close cal in Kidwelly  it was howeverer an indication that Plaid's  new leadership of Carmarthen Council is not damaging them.


  1. Glyn, that is an excellent result. Do you think that the Welsh are beginning to take a tumble to the Labour Party? Here in Scotland we started with Local Government, I will not say everything was rosy at the beginning, this is how we got the title Tartan Tories, because back in the late sixties and early seventies councillors crossed the floor. Doesn't happen today I am pleased to say. We have PR for our Council Elections. I take it that was not imposed on yours?

  2. No we don't have PR and the results were in areas where Plaid are very strong so unfortunately it does not signify a sea change,

  3. Labour were triumphant in the by-electionfor a seat on Conwy Town Council on Thursday 19th November. The result of the by-election for Aberconwy ward seat was: Janette Hughes (Labour) 153, Harry Savile (Conservative) 105. There was no laid Cymru candidate. There was no Plaid candidate in the Deganwy ward by-election on the town council on October 8th either. It's almost as if Plaid is not trying in Aberconwy constituency.