Saturday, 22 November 2014

Uplands on Swansea at last an intresting Welsh by-election.

At last a Welsh by-election with an Interesting result Swansea's Uplands Ward saw "Independent" Peter May retake the seat  that he narrowly lost to Labour in May 2012

The Full Results Thanks to greendragon for the this

MAY, Peter Nicholas Independent 671 (E)
GRIFFITHS, Fran Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru 533
THOMAS, Janet Mary Welsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru 215
WAKELING, Ashley The Green Party - Plaid Werdd 179

DWAN, Pat Independents @ Swansea 158 
ALLARD, Josh Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 154
FITTER, Rhydian Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 104
JOB, Ronnie Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 31

Not a very good result for the other parties but the LibDems in particular saw their vote collapse.

Well not entirely, because victor Peter May had stood under the  LibDem banner last time. 

I have only included the two parties to make it easier to read for a full list see  here

Nick DaviesLabour Party / Plaid Lafur1302
John BaylissLabour Party / Plaid Lafur1207
Neil Ronconi-WoollardLabour Party / Plaid Lafur1161
Pearleen SanghaLabour Party / Plaid Lafur1099
Peter Nicholas MayLiberal Democrat / Democrat Rhyddfrydol1089
Stuart James RiceLiberal Democrat / Democrat Rhyddfrydol975
Janet Mary ThomasLiberal Democrat / Democrat Rhyddfrydol812
Jayne WoodmanLiberal Democrat / Democrat Rhyddfrydol782
So Mr May had lost by a mere whisker while in 2008 he had comfortably topped the poll  again for the full list here

Name / EnwParty / PlaidVotes / Pleidleisiau
Peter Nicholas MayWelsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru1828
Stuart James RiceWelsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru1706
Jayne WoodmanWelsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru1495
Janet Mary ThomasWelsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru1488
Sybil Edith CrouchLabour Party - Plaid Lafur817
Andrew Daniel ConnellLabour Party - Plaid Lafur792
Ian William James RossLabour Party - Plaid Lafur765
Derek JamesLabour Party - Plaid Lafur729

Note also that the  LibDem candidate in the by-election Janet Mary Thomas  was a former council colleague of Mr May.

With me so far? Good.

For  Mr May had been the LibDem Candidate in Swansea West (which Uplands is part of) in the 2010 General Election and came dam close to puling of an historic victory.

General Election 2010: Swansea West[6][7]
Labour Co-opGeraint Davies12,33534.7-7.2
Liberal DemocratPeter May11,83133.2+4.3
ConservativeRené Kinzett[8]7,40720.8+4.8
Plaid CymruHarri Roberts1,4374.0-2.5
BNPAlan Bateman9102.6N/A
UKIPTimothy Jenkins7162.0+0.2
GreenKeith Ross4041.1-1.1
IndependentIan McCloy3741.1N/A
TUSCRob Williams1790.5N/A
Labour holdSwing-5.7

It now gets even more bizzare for the 2010 cadidate for teh Tories René Kinzett[had been the LibDem candidate
General Election 2005: Swansea West
LabourAlan Williams13,83341.8-6.9
Liberal DemocratRené Kinzett9,56428.9+12.3
ConservativeMohammed Abdel-Haq5,28516.0-3.0
Plaid CymruHarri Roberts2,1506.5-4.1
GreenMartyn Shrewsbury7382.2+0.2
UKIPMartyn Ford6091.8-0.2
VeritasYvonne Holley4011.2N/A
Socialist AlternativeRobert Williams2880.9N/A
Legalise CannabisSteve Pank2180.7N/A
Labour holdSwing-9.6
It must be very confusing in Swansea West for the electorate.

But it bears the question 

How much do our elected representatives believe in the policies of the party under which banner they stand. Or is a merely a way of getting elected?

Still congratulations to Cllr May he clearly has local following and the people of Uplamds may (no pun intended) got themselves a decent councillor

 I wonder if the LibDems in the next council election will run a full list or put up just three candidates  hoping Cllr May comes back into the fold after the election?


  1. Cheers for that acknowledgement Glyn. Its open to question how 'independent' the victor (Peter May) actually is and we wonder, now he's been elected, if a return to the lib dem fold for him can be entirely ruled out? Though as we've no information on the reasons for his departure from the lib dems in the first place we have to say this is purely speculation on our part. Whatever Peter May was by all accounts a popular hardworking councillor when in office, so his victory can in part probably be attributed to his still having a sizeable personal following in the ward.

    You'll also see from our take on the bye election that we raise the important and pressing issue of progressive parties in Wales fighting one another in elections, and the possible consequences of this. We are of course not asking any of the left or left of centre parties in Wales to compromise themselves, and we at greendragon are certainly in no position to tell Plaid Cymru or the Greens or others how they should relate to one another at election time.

    But it goes without saying that it doesnt make much sense for Wales mosr progressive parties to keep taking votes off one another in the way they periodically do, and it surely isnt wrong to suggest to them they might want to come to some kind of electoral 'arrangement' to avoid this in future ? At least at a local level anyway, tho the greendragon would like to see it extended to the elections to the Senedd in 2016 too.

    But what's clear is that its high time the left in Wales got its act together at election time and stopped allowing arguably artificial divisions to make it so easy at election times for the likes of welsh labour - and heaven forbid UkIP.

  2. Another interesting county council by-election will be held in Carmarthenshire next month in Trelech. This election also has a Liberal candidate. The last election was fought by Liberal, Independent and Plaid Cymru representatives. The same three parties will again be putting up candidates. Trelech is in the west of the county and is one of seven rural wards in Carmarthenshire that are in the Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire parliamentary seat. (The six urban Carmarthen seats were all won by Plaid Cymru in the 2012 election.) Currently six of the seats are held by independents and Plaid Cymru hold the seventh. Two of the seats held by the Independents had majorities of 5 and 47 over Plaid Cymru at the last general County Council election. Cneifiwr has an account of the runners and riders this time round. What will be interesting will be whether Plaid Cymru can translate its second place into a win following the retirement of the Independent candidaite who represented the ward for half a century. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Liberal vote following the Swansea vote and the Kent parliamentary by election where the Liberals fell to less than one percent of the vote. By- elections are rare in Carmarthenshire. The last two elections took place in similar rural wards in Cenarth and Llanegwad about three years ago. Again both seats had been represented by long standing Independent candidates. The by-elections returned Plaid candiates who were returned at the next full county elections in 2012. The Liberals stood in three of these western seats in 2012 polling 17 votes in Whitland, one hundred and thirty three votes in Trelech (coming third) and 273 votes in St Clears again coming bottom of the poll. With Labour only being able to find two candidates in these seven seats and polling over 100 fewer votes than the Liberals the result could give us some clues as to how things may pan out in a tight general election race. The result might also tell us something about what is happening in Independent and Plaid Cymru contested seats in rural west Wales.