Thursday, 13 November 2014

The cost of voting NO.

In the  run up to the Scottish Independence election grave warnings were made over the loss of jobs in the wake of there being a YES vote.

None more than on the Clyde Shipyards with Blue-labour at the forefront.

The Scotsman a Unionist paper through and through claims that

THE Ministry of Defence has admitted it is considering abandoning its promise to build the new type 26 frigates on the Clyde and instead seek an alternative from abroad, the head of Royal Navy has admitted.With the MoD and defence contractor BAE in the midst of a dispute over terms of the contract for the frigates there has been speculation the UK could purchase French warships instead and Scotland would lose out on a £4 billion contract while the ship building industry could collapse potentially costing more than 11,000 jobs.If the Royal Navy goes abroad for warships it will be the first time it has done it in peace time and would break a key pledge made to Scottish voters by the UK government during the referendum that the new frigates would be built on the Clyde.
It seems that this announcement may be a bit premature as the Telegraph claimed that 
the Defence Secretary has overruled claims by the Royal Navy’s head that its new frigates could be build abroad after the SNP said this showed voters were lied to during the independence referendum campaign.
In an attempt to head off nationalist accusations Scots have been betrayed, Michael Fallon approved a statement giving a clear indication that the £4 billion contract for the Type 26 frigates would be built on the Clyde.
Mr Fallon and Philip Hammond, his predecessor as Defence Secretary, warned during the referendum campaign that a separate Scotland would lose out on the contracts because Royal Navy warships are only ever built in the UK
 However when I say the Scotsman article was premature something tells me that its the wrong side of an election to consider awarding the contract outside the Clyde,

One thing for sure the prophesy  of Doom and Gloom of the Tory/lLibDems ,Blue-Labour and the Unionist media should be treated with suspicion.

The Unionist misled the people of Scotland into voting no with Doom and Gloom and meaningless Vows oddly it was in Glasgow where there was majority YES vote where it appears to have worked less.

But the rise iin the SNP vote clearly shows that the rest of Scotland are coming arround to that opinion.

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