Saturday, 15 November 2014

Judge Leanne Wood on her policies not appearance .

I saw this headline on the Wasting Mule Online and thought at last something positive from the Mule

From woman next door to political heavyweight: Plaid's Leanne Wood has transformed into a leader

Here we go an analysis on how Leane had advanced her profile with her tireless emergy popping up everywhere and not only in Wales.and then I read

She was once the cardigan-wearing straight-talking politician – the woman next door – that Welsh voters could relate to
and knew instantly where it was going and so it goes and even with author  West Wales Multi-media Editor seems to be decrying he own article
 But even those who recognise a passion for politics, and a dedication to a cause, can’t help but judge a politician, particularly a woman – no matter how subconsciously– on the way they look.
Too many roll-neck jumpers and cardigans – and a hair ‘do’ that falls unkempt around your temples– and you’re not going to be taken seriously (enough) in the boardroom.It’s a superficial analysis in a multi-media world that is driven by image and spin – recognised more so in the political arena than anywhere else.
And so it continues

Since she became leader of Plaid Cymru in 2012, there has been a marked change in the appearance of the politician, who now exudes the confidence of a stateswoman.The change has been gradual and progressive, a natural evolution from a keen young politician (with better things to worry about that her clothes) to sophisticated leader, suited (and less-so booted) as is expected by those in subordination.
The once seemingly un-managed locks, casually tucked behind her ears, have been replaced by meticulously groomed and far more elegant styles. But far from the stuffy, tailored precision adopted by Britain’s most intimidating female politician, Thatcher, Ms Wood remains characteristically approachable.
Her jackets with her neckerchiefs and accessories soften her look, while her tailored dresses and feminine approach maintain her image as a woman of the peopleWhether it is a conscious shift or not Ms Wood has stepped up to the plate of scrutiny, marking herself out as far more confident candidate than the politician elected to Plaid Cymru in 2003.If Ms Wood’s objective is to please the highest number of people possible, she’s making good headway.
 Ms Wood is now a leader.

Something inside me  wou;uprefer an attack on Leanne's policies  on her Left leanings nad calls for Independence at least it would mean something

Instead we have this load of crap over her "Jacket and Neckchiefs".

In 2016 we will be voting for the Party whose leader will make the best First Minister who will lead Wales out of the mess the Tory/Lib Dem government at Westminster and Blue-Tories at the Bay not the most attractive or best dressed politician.

Leanne Wood has become a leader through her hard work and for fighting for Wales against the Unionist Parties controlled from London. Not by  in her appearance.


  1. well said glyn! Attributing leanne's development as a politcal leader to her change in appearance is typical of the braindead dross that passes for political analysis in the dismal welsh media.

  2. Leanne sure does look the part, whether we like it or not image is important.

  3. And then there is this: