Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BBC and Party Manifestos.

The BBC seemed to have bowed to pressure and include Plaid.SNP and Greens in the web page showing what the Parties have currently on their manifesto  for 2015.

We can therefore ask the Question.

 If you recognise  that these Parties will be playing a prominent role in the forthcoming election . Why are you still refusing to include them in the "Prime Minister" debates?

Personally I am opposed to these debates we are not electing a Head of State Mrs Windsor got that job and she can offer it to any one who can form a government .

The scenario where Alec Salmond is called to the palace and asked to form a government of SNP ,Plaid,Greens SDLP  and maybe progressive Labour MOs may be fantasy but it is not unconstitutional.

The Prime Minister must also be a Member of Parliament though that included the Lords.

A hastily created Lord Blair of Sedgefield  back at Number 10 anyone. The Horror.

Though God help the weakest members of society if the Tories or Ukip are handed the reins of power for the next 5 years.

Nearly all have something of merit in them , Though unsurprisingly I find the SNP, Green and Plaid the nearest to my thinking.

Looking at it it will be difficult for any the Parties to enter in a coalition with either Labour or Conservatives but the former  with a bit of prodding might be at least worth keeping in power .

The influence of Ukip on Con,lan and even the LibDems  with rearguards Immigration is abundantly with all trying to be seen to be tough. on the matter. 

But as the  we saw with the promises made to the Scottish electorate if they voted NO in the recent referendum the reality the day after a election often see Key points of a Manifesto thrown out of the Window.

They are often wish lists but they are important partly because the second chamber tend to give a easy rise to Bills that have been promised in the winning Parties Manifesto/.

My advice is to take all the "promises" about increasing the number of Doctors or increasing employment  or reducing Taxes with a pinch of salt but use it as a guide to see who is closer to what you actually want.

we will inevitably be disappointed if our preferred  party enters government especially those of us who are backing a progressive platform but I will be voting once again for hope.

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  1. We were delighted to see that Plaid's Jonathan Edward's wants to organise an an 'anti - austerity bloc' at westminister after the 2015 General Election involving Plaid, the SNP and the Greens. Doesnt look like he's suggesting this 'progressive bloc' go into coalition with what's likely to be a minority Ed Milliband government, but rather that it uses its number to defend the welfare state.

    Such a progressive bloc could for example make a condition of its support for a minority Labour government getting rid of things like the hideous bedroom tax. So it goes without saying the more Plaid, SNP and Green MPs after the 2015 GE the better.