Wednesday, 5 November 2014

LibDem Rats desert sinking ship.

When a mature student at Aber in the late 80's it was a rule in elections to the NUS that if you previously been a member political party hen you could not stand as an Independent unless you put your previous affiliation on your campaign literature..

This led to one candidate being excluded on the might of the count because he had done just that thing.

Apparently treason for this rule was in the past Federation of Conservative students members would resign from that society and stand as Independents in the hope that they will not be associated by the Toxic image Thatcherisn had amongst most students.

The departure of Norman Baker from the Cabinet  prompted Clegg to carry out a mini-reshuffle  after Cardiff Central MP  Jenny  Willott, who had been tipped for promotion, informed him that she wanted to resign as a whip so she could raise her profile ahead of a tough fight in her marginal Cardiff Central constituency. By convention, whips do not speak in the Commons.
The departure of Willott, following the decision of her fellow whip Mark Hunter to stand down to concentrate on the fight in his marginal constituency of Cheadle, highlights the nerves among Liberal Democrat MPs over the looming general election.
Willot may consider it an inconvenience being a whip but it may be that the ruminations helped but six months before the elections.
Expect much more opposition from t Willot and her colleagues to the Conservatives as they try to use "The Big Boys Made Me Do It. excuse in the vain hope in the six months leading up to the election in the vain hope we forget about their part in the cuts agenda.
  • Leaving the Government for sake of your constituents is honourable
  • Leaving the Government for the  sake of your Nation has also honour
  • Leaving the Government  for the sake of  Party may in some circumstances also have some honour.
  • Leaving the Government  for the sake of your seat however is not.
It doesn't take genius to see which category Jenny Willot and he fellow rats fall into.

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