Thursday, 26 September 2013

Labour's New Flag and Logo, a bit disturbing?

It seems Labour might be less confident of a NO vote in next years Scottish referendum.  They seem to have adapted the Union Jack to give more prominence to the Cross of St George and that of St Andrew and St Patrick are pushed to the background.

No place for Cymru of course.

Some like the Och Aye the News Scotlandshire (Have a look) have pointed out that it looks a bit like a friendship flag for the Conservatives and Ulster Unionist


And as Wings over Scotland pointed out ,,,,
 Johann Lamont’s speech to the Labour conference “appeared to allude to the European 20th century fascist  when attacking Salmon and the SNP.
But  perhaps she should look behind her.

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  1. Johann Lamont is a nitwit, part of the self loathing Scottish cringe... she has already stated that she would rather have a tory run Westminster than a Independent Scotland where the Tories would never see power .... I hope the people of Wales have the courage to follow us in our road to Independence and away from the damaging Westminster