Sunday, 8 September 2013

3 Months in and Ynys Mon Independents start fighting each other again.

Just 3 Months after the Elections that aimed to stop Councillors on Anglesey fighting like Kilarney Cats comes the perhaps unsurprising news that Peter Rogers former Conservative AM who quit the party when he was not selected for the following assembly, standing as a Independent on the Island in subsequent Elections and probably stopping Plaid from gaining the Westminster seat but ironically making sure his former Conservative partners progress was severely damaged, has left the independents on Anglesey Council after becoming “disillusioned” with what he describes as a lack of direction.

Cllr Rogers has called for an “immediate cabinet reshuffle” and says better use should be made of the council’s “new blood”. he also also urged the council leader not to disregard non-Welsh speakers just on the basis of language (who can he mean?).

Council leader Ieuan Williams said he was “disappointed” but remained “committed” to working with all the county’s councillors.

In his resignation statement, Cllr Rogers expressed disappointment with the leadership of the council since May’s election, describing it as a “damp squib”.

He said:

“I urge the council leader to implement an immediate cabinet reshuffle and recognise some of the skills and talents he has in his new councillors.“A reshuffle would bring in expertise, business acumen and a fresh vigour. He must also recognise that it is not detrimental to have non–Welsh speakers in his cabinet.“Failing this, his only hope of survival is to start talking to Plaid Cymru about forming coalition.”
This I believe leaves the Independents still with a reasonable majority.

With the Coalition of I Lib Dem of 3Labour and 13 Independents Councillors.

A Opposition of 12 Plaid

And Peter Rodgers Unaffiliated (Where he will be free to cause as much mischief as he likes.

One can only wonder if this may be the first of several cracks on the ruling coalition

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  1. So he's being picked on because he doesn't speak Welsh. Nothing to do with him being an egocentric and disruptive turncoat who could only ever be loyal to one party - The Peter Rogers Party.