Monday, 23 September 2013

John Craven's Newsround for Welsh Adults.

It was by pure chance I came across "Newsweek Wales" Today saw the launch of a new programme from ITV News. Newsweek Wales features special guests offering a fresh perspective on the week's biggest stories.

This week First Minister Carwyn Jones, and journalist Carolyn Hitt join Carl Edwards on the sofa, to talk about what's been making the news this week.

here was also archive footage of how the Welsh News was covers 50 years ago.

Probably commissioned so that ITV bosses can claim to have filed their quota of Welsh factual programmes . It was a sort of John Craven's Newsround but aimed at Welsh Adults.

The interview with Carwyn Jones couldn't be less challenging if it tried covering the new Flanders Memorial, his thoughts on the Scottish referendum and its impact on Wales and the new St David' Awards but at no time no real probing the First Minister on how he can claim that

"where it makes sense to take a decision in Wales, it should be taken in Wales".
and that devolution should be

 "less of a process and more of an event" -

 a twist on the words made famous by former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies, who described devolution as a "process not an event".

It told me nothing on Carwyn views on the powers that Wales should have or what a new written UK constitution which favours devolution would mean..

ITV "Wales" will probably argues that this is not a Political News programme and its not there to enlighten and inform but it is hard to see what it is there for.

I will look at this again but I hold faint hope that we will see a true News and Information programme from the ITV network.

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  1. LO! And what what Caroline Hitt there to talk about? She's a journalist is she?