Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fabricant 's call for a New Act of Union a damp squib?

The report that maverick Tory vice-chairman Michael Fabricant has called for a new a new Act of Union, giving the four UK nations equal powers claiming that it would strengthen the country has hardly set the Welsh Poltitcal Blogging  World alight

Tory vice-chairman Michael Fabricant told BBC Radio Wales that Westminster would still be responsible for matters like defence and foreign affairs.

His call comes ahead of Scotland's independence referendum next year.

Mr Fabricant, said:
 "I think in a generation from now there will be more calls for independence for Scotland and, indeed, independence for Wales.
"I think this will continue until we have proper symmetry between all the four nations."

It may at first look reasonable but  last Weeks vote on intervention in Syria showed that although the vast majority of Welsh ,Scottish and Northern Ireland Mps voted against it the result hinged on English MPs,and  unless Fabricants system saw Westminister having a system where the amount of MP were "weighted". So that MPs from England were not in  a overall majority it would not work.

It would be problematic if the four nations were considered to be Independent inn most manners but who found themselves in a foreign war because the still dominant nation still had the powers to force it through.

Some like Gareth Hughes at the Almanac of Welsh Politics   have use it to continue the argument  that  the ...

"18 September 2014, referendum in Scotland about independence is not just about Scotland it is equally about the rest of the inhabitants of these islands.Some politicians are waking up to the fact that major changes are likely whatever the results of the vote. The Scots may have the vote, but the rest of us matter too. The changes in play will impact on all of the countries of the UK.
An opportunity  will surely arise where Wales too can address its concerns and right some of the historic disadvantages  it has suffered from the so called Union".

If this a challenge to our Parties here in Wales maybe its up to Labour to respond. They are the Party that has governed Wales since devolution.

Surley they see the success of the extent of devolved powers to Scotland  and that this will undoubtedly  see increased powers for Edinburgh even if the Independence referendum fails.

Wales needs a National Convention to examine the implication not only of a Yes vote in Scotland but Wales being left behind a Scotland that voted NO and still received DevoMax.

Wales may find itself falling further behind and being ignored  or sidelined with yet another commission  as our position become irrelevant to those at Westminster.

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  1. We dont need a new act of union we need a FREE WALES!