Thursday, 8 November 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner. Who should I back?

With a week to go to the most exiting elections ever.That of  Police and Crime Commissioner. I'm in a quandary what to do.

With no election addresse  delivered as yet for South Wales, I have resorted to checking the candidates websites. None of which have inspired me  and certainly not to  someone the candidates would probably consider to be a wishy washy liberal.

So what are my options?

  • Vote for the best :(as I see it) of the group of f six pretty hard to sort out and even with two votes I doubt I can find one candidate who I can second choice let alone first. And of course you have to vote for a first choice before a second choice although you can abstain from the latter.
  • Spoil my ballot paper :. In a previous post I suggested tongue in cheek that I could write in the name of James Gordon  from the Batman comics.Would a large number of spoiled ballot papers which are clearly meant to show our displeasure rather than confusion with the electoral system have any effect and be reported on?
  • Not vote: Would being part of the estimated 80% who could not be bothered to vote in this farce be a clearer indication of what I think of these elections?

Since I believe you should always vote if possible . I will be writing in the name of James Gordon on the ballot paper. A puerile and futile gesture may be but is it better than voting for a candidate ate who I don't really support for a position I don't believe should exist?


Emyr Williams said...

And I'll be joining you

Welsh not British said...

I shall be writing devolve policing on my ballot paper.

glynbeddau said...


Worth considering but I'm still going to vote for Batman's boss.

Welsh not British said...

Batman doesn't have a boss.

glynbeddau said...

Ok your right about his associate.

But hopefully this will be the largest number of spoilt papers ever.

An whatever method people chose to display this. Its better than not voting.