Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee was it abuse of the Elderly?

So the long Bank Holiday us over and it was a long one the weather didn't help the forelock- tuggers ,but it didn't help those of faced us with hours and hours tedious and repetitive of television coverage  in our efforts to avoid it.

I had planed to walk from Beddau ,along  the Ridgeway path to Mynydd y Gaer or the other way to Caerphilly depending on public transport yesterday .. But the weather being as it was and some  bus companies running only a Sunday service . went to Tesco's  instead.

They seemed to have a lot of Jubiliee crap left over and judging by the absence .from the Homes in my area.Where you can walk down whole streets and see no Union Jacks or other bunting they may have come a cropper here.

Any extremists who are looking for Flags to ceremonial burn may get a bargain in the next few weeks. But the stores will probably try an re-brand most of it as Olympic merchandise

One aspect of this was that I started to feel sorry for Mrs Windsor askin an 86 Oldwoman and er 92 year Old Husband to carry out the schedule they did amounted to abuse of the elderly.

Would the forelock-tuggers have allowed their grand mother great-grandmother to stand on a river barge for hours constantly people I doubt it .

And that's the rub although this Jubilee was supposed to be about showing affection for Mrs Windsor it has really been about the institution and the forelock-tuggers have no real concern over the individuals. When Mrs Windsor passes away there will be a week or two of retrospective of her live. Then they will be bowing to her Son in which all his weirdness will be forgotten and he will be re-branded as a "Modern Royal".

Yes she has a privileged life and she could in theory abdicated years ago but then Charles has by then cheated on his wife and exposed her to mental cruelty resulting in a divorce and then  marrying his mistress so that was probably not an option even if she wanted to.

It may be strange to those reading this Blog to see an avowed Republican feeling sorry Mrs Windsor but even though she may be a wiling victim . Its clear that she has been abused by those who claim to be a bigger supporters.

I do not tolerate abuse of older people no matter who they are.

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