Friday, 8 June 2012

Its Scotland's Question and it should be Scotland's answer

 Peter Black  seems to be sugesting  that the UK should have  some  form of veto on Scottish Independence.

Peter Black writes.

"I do not think that Scotland will vote 'yes' but should the decision be their's alone? If the Act of Union is to be dismantled then all of those affected must have their say first and that includes England, Wales and Northern Ireland".
There's no reason why the case for or against  Scottish Independence and the Implications should not be discussed in the UK; But Peter seems to be suggesting that if Scotland voted yes then the rest of the UK should have some kind of veto.

This is a very dangerous attitude as I asked Peter in his Blog have the 
Unionist learned nothing of the History of Ireland?
I wrote ...
To deny Scotland Independence if the people have voted for it will result in huge civil unrest and even Civil war.
Peter answer was  

I think you are getting a bit ahead of yourself. All of the polls predict a no vote. And there is no comparison with Ireland whatsoever.
 But there is. Before 1916 there was a perfectly legitimate and peaceful Irish Party that campaigned for Home Rule which elected nearly all the Irish Members of Parliament..

Time after time the UK government rejected Home Rule and this led to violence when after the bill was finally passed it was not implemented because of the First World War.

This contributed to those who were fed up with the UK delaying the Legitimate calls for Home Rule and the Easter Rising. 

But it was not only in Ireland that the call for Home Rule were constantly ignored  In India and the other British Colonies legitimate calls for Independence were not addressed  resulting in Civil unrest.

All to often Britannia has waved the Rules. Leaving people to believe that they shouldn't even obey them. it mustn't happen in this case .
If Scotland is to leave the Union then it should as friends and not bitter Enemies .

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