Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bryncrug/Llanfihangel by-electio

I apologise to the late posting of the result of then,  but I had other things to comment on and Bryncrug had lost it impetus since it Plaid had entered in coalition with the 4 Labour Council and were no longer dependent on this result for control. .

The result was 

Clarke, Nancy ElizabethIndependent5110.2%
Evans, Alun WynPlaid Cymru13627.2%
Hughes, Gwyn Pennant
Llais Gwynedd 
Lawton, BethIndependentElected21242.4%
Pughe, JohnIndependent6613.2%
The result made no change in the balance of power and had previously been held by an  Independent .

It could have been interesting if it had been a straight fight between Plaid and Llais Gwynedd  especially they  held the neighbouring seat of Llangelyin and the candidate was the husband of that ward's councillor Louise Hughes.

But both were easily surpassed by Independent Beth Lawton who won comparably .

Interestingly despite Louise Hughes . presence  Merionith is not particularly strong for Llais Gwynedd who are concentrated in the Dwyfor area.and just as the old joke went that Plaid Cymru was actually Plaid Gwynedd  perhaps Llais Gwynedd should be really called  Llais Dwyfor

What is Llais Gwynedd anyway

Is it as Wikipedia states  small regionalist political party based in Gwynedd 

  • Nationalist group based largely on the support for the Welsh Language.
  • A right wing Nationalist Group
  • Simply a protest group opposed to School Closures
  • A group of people fed up with Plaids lethargy and prepared to give the party a kick up the Backside.
  • A coalition of different ideologies united for electoral purposes.

What we need is a clear Manifesto from Llais Gwynedd  on where they stand. Of course if they did this some members may think they don't stand there at all.

But to be fair they have shaken Plaid out of a complacency in Gwynedd and although I personally think they are wrong in opposing school reforms as Plaid are in other Parts of Wales . They may well speak for a large number of people in Gwynedd, and whilst I may not like what they say doesn't mean  we shouldn't listen



Cibwr said...

School reorganisation is a poisoned chalice - its never going to be popular. What ever the party in power says it is to do with money. Too many empty places means too many schools - its expensive keeping so many schools open when many have too few places filled. So either reorganise or increase council tax to pay for it. A really awkward situation for any ruling group on a council.

glynbeddau said...

Cibwr You are absolutely right and the case of Llais Gwynedd shows it they may well be well meaning but in the long run this must be addressed in Gwynedd and elsewhere. Or we will be damaging children's education long term. What will some of these schools look like in class numbers or outdated buildings in 10 years time. Who will be blamed then probably not those who are campaigning to save them.

We need an all Wales debate on this and Parties non being hypocritical by proposing School closures where they are in power and opposing them where they are in opposition.

Cibwr said...

All parties are equally bad at this, I watched the consultation process in Cardiff and it was compounded by a need to expand Welsh medium education - some parties were happy to play the language card on that one... Whitchurch High School opted out of local authority control to avoid the consequences of reorganisation - which made the process doubly difficult.

Anonymous said...

Meirionnydd not Merionith!

glynbeddau said...

Merionith! I think I was caught in a Anglo centric time-warp here. Sorry.