Monday, 4 June 2012

300 Parties: Just how many Streets are there in Wales?

The Western Mule reports that....
Thousands of royal party-goers across the principality joined millions around the UK to toast the royal occasion.More than 300 official street parties were taking place across Wales with many more impromptu celebration expected.
The Principality ? What an insult from "the National Newspaper of Wales" as the Mule likes to call itself

Stil 300 parties impressive? Well no.

Locking at my old A-Z of Cardiff and Newport 300 is small fry

 Indeed there are more nearly 300 streets on just one page of the street index.

At a rough calculation  there are over 7500 streets on this Map Although in one of the most populous parts of Wales admittedly  . So even 300 here would less than 5% .

I've no doubt that there were probably more parties where people had't applied for a permit  and this would have been even bigger if not for the weather. But its not the mass celebration that the Mule and the rest of the Media claim

People will use any excuse to Party exceptionally these dark days . You'd get more than  300 street parties to celebrate Wales winning the Rugby World Cup for sure, We went mad getting to the semi finals.

I've seen the odd Union Jack on peoples houses but by and large there little show of real support for the Jubilee . We Republicans may be in a minority but then so are the forelock-tuggers . The vast majority of the People of Wales seem largely indifferent even when they are being told by the Media that they are takeing part.

By the way some are revering to this pathetic newspaper as the Western Fail A god name for it  but I will continue to call it the Western Mule as we did in the 70 's and 80's


Welsh not British said...

Not just them but the BBC and Sky are at it as well. Basically anyone who has a vested interest in Wales being a colony. You'd swear we were all at it with the fuss they are making.

It's time we had St Davids Day as a bank holiday and I'm sure we'd see far more street parties then.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean the Wasting Mule...

Anonymous said...

So 300 parties for a population of 3 million, that is 1 party per 10,000 people. I assume most parties are a bit smaller than this - say 20 people.

Even if the average attendance was 100 people per party that would still only equate to 1% of our population. Not exactly a ringing endorsement..

Jac o' the North, said...

The Wasting Mule is now in 'Fuck-it-there's-nothing-to-lose' mode.

Anonymous said...

need to be questioning official sponsorship and encouragement of these events amongst our councils and other public bodies, challenging their partisan attitudes and requesting similar levels of support for the likes of this next month's Wales tour in Australia and St David's day.

The BBC in Wales need taking to task over their almost total disregard to what is actually the largest youth festival in Europe, dedicating only 15-20 seconds today in their news report, dominated naturally by the Jubilympics, with the traffic issues being the main mention on the website.

This total disappointment in my fellow countrymen's' servile and sycophantic joy over a celebration of a rich and privileged family, hyped up by self serving retail organisations wholly based in England and a media rife with British nationalists has initially made me wonder whether going back to bankrupt, yet proudly Portuguese Portugal, might be the best way, but actually makes me more determined to ram the precedent set by the Olympic flame and the Jubilee right down the throats of anyone running or managing anywhere that displayed Union Jack flags and bunting this last fortnight.
The precedent is now set, it is for us to point out the duty of such organisations to show fairness and parity when celebrating Welsh and British events, or risk being branded British Nationalists. And we should use this term. For so long Labour, Conservative have used the terms nationalists , Nats etc. We now have a new breed of Nationalist in the UK - the open and proud British Nationalist, who needs reminding of the connection that their joyous flag has to the far right and the disgusting BNP.

A definition of nationalism, "exaggerated, passionate, or fanatical devotion to a national community"

Well we've seen plenty of that this weekend, in terms of the UK, so the next time someone questions your devotion to Wales, the language or the history of the country and calls you a nat, remind them that they probably displayed the same characteristics, but with an Union Jack in their hand this last few days! - This also makes them a nat!

Cibwr said...

I traveled by bus through Fairwater, Llandaff and Pontcanna in Cardiff - then to Newport by bus yesterday and counted a grand total of 4 pubs and 15 houses with some form of bunting, union flags or cut out royal masks on display. Not exactly a sign of mass enthusiasm for the event. Although if a poll was taken I think we would find the majority were enjoying the events and supported royalty - just not as enthusiastically as the media would have us believe.

Anonymous said...

yes there is a fair bit of British flag bunting around, but why isn't there Welsh flag bunting for St David's Day in our shops, it can't be that hard to get it made and distributed to schools, councils. After all if Plaid Cymru and the nationalist movement doesn't do it and plan more celebrations for St David Day no one else will do it.

If anything the overload of fawning over the Monarchy and hardcore British Nationalism on display this weekend should be the kick in the backside for Welsh Nationalists to get more organised and fight back, its all to easy to complain online taking action is what's needed, let see what happens.