Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The "Tanned One " Remembers

When he was a true radical and man of Conviction.
It seems despite sitting on the Labour Front Benches Peter Hain, in his new autobiography "Outside In" is unafraid to ctiticise  former colleagues

From a Welsh point of interest  he makes the claim that

"Tony Blair and his team never gave Wales "proper respect and attention," 
: "At one point it appeared that the secretary of state's post had been abolished, that Wales was being summarily transferred into a department under an unelected peer, Lord Falconer." Mr Hain said the Wales Office was in turmoil, with staff learning about the change via TV.
"For a government supposedly excellent at communicating, this was another example of abject failure - especially if, as later transpired, it had been considered over a period rather than cobbled together at the last minute.
"It was further evidence of Tony Blair and his team never really giving Wales proper respect and attention, contrary to Scotland where the secretary of state's role was pretty minimal because all primary legislation had gone to the Scottish parliament.

"The role of secretary of state for Wales remained crucial, then responsible for all Welsh primary legislation .

This despite his calm role as Northern Ireland Secretary  May 2005 to 2007.was "probably the best job I did". Which er he did whilst Sstill retaining in his Welsh position

In fact his first period of Secretary of State for Wales  202-2008 meant the post was combined with

Leader of the House of Commons, 2003-2005
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 2005-2007
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, 2007–2008

If he had qualms about his position as Secretary of State for Wale . Why did he accept them?

I haven't read the autobiography yet so can't completely  criticise Hains recollections, but in his review of Hain's Biography  Carl Packman at Left foot forward  makes the claim that
I’m happy to report that on reading Outside In by Peter Hain I did not have the same feeling. In fact one is struck by Hain’s modesty – which I suspect is partly based on his own personal appeal to influences such as Nelson Mandela.
I hope he's right but to mind  the "Tanned  One" has never been a "modest politician".Remember how on the day of the Welsh referendum on law makinf powers  powers Hain seemed to be claiming total credit for it seeming to forget that arcording to Wikileaks

CONFIDENTIAL cables claimed former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain told US Embassy staff Wales should wait five to 10 years before holding a referendum on gaining further powers.
he may deny this but in February 2011 just before the poll he claimed
 “Clearly the Plaid Cymru insistence on holding the referendum before May 2011 is the reason we have a referendum on March 3. We wouldn’t have had one otherwise.
“It’s not the best time to hold a referendum.
“I fear the turnout will be low. But that’s what’s been decided.”
And yet there he was on the BBC sofa on March 4th  giving the impression that he was the architect of the referndum and was the man who deserved all the accolades..

Carl Packman calls Hain a "Conviction Politician" I agree only I think Hain is convinced of his moral superiority. Something he lost when he became just another New Labour hack


  1. Sadly the least dishonest thing about "Vain" turns out to be his tan!

  2. Paul Flynn had him summed up as the 'shapeshifter'.

    Parachuted into Wales, with which he had no prior connection, by a London-based party contemputous of the blind support it consistently got in the valleys.

    No better than the string of English Secretaries of State, like Redwood et al, appointed by the Tories as commissars to rule their Welsh fiefdom.

    It's time the people of Wales put two fingers up to this arrogant elite!

  3. Looking at the photo again, I should have added, 'It would have been better for Wales had they dumped him in the Thames!'