Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Miliband ignores the evidence.

Ed Milliband, was born in 1969 so he was 9 years old when Margaret Thatcher came to power.

Of course being the son of Marxist Academic Ralph Miliband ,he would have been a little more aware of political issues than your average 9 year old.

So for most of his life Miliband has seen..

18 years of Tory led government mostly led by Margaret Thatcher. Who decimated communities and had appalling record on social justice.

13 years of New Labour 5 years of which (He was elected in 2005) he was member of the government and having spent nearly all his working life working as an advisor to the Labour Party

Intrestingly in 1999, Miliband was involved in the process of building Labour's manifesto for the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections. Initially doing so in an informal capacity, he was spotted leaving the Scottish Labour Party's headquarters on the night that a key policy meeting was held, involving the Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar and senior party officials, to consider the party's election strategy and details of Labour's manifesto. As a result, Miliband temporarily resigned from his post as a Special Adviser at the Treasury, to work on the Scottish election campaign full-time. It was reported that part of Miliband's Scottish role was to take charge of Labour's rebuttal operation.

So he has already made an intervention into Scottish Politics: But his recent speech in Glasgow shows that he learned nothing It is claimed by Labour Spin Doctors that Miliband travelled to Scotland on Monday to argue that the goals of fairness and social justice were more readily achieved by the people of the UK working together.

He told the gathering:

 "I say let us confront the real divide in our society."Not between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, but between the haves and the have-nots."
So I am not here to tell Scots that Scotland cannot survive outside the United Kingdom.
"But I am here to tell you that we need to make Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, a fairer, more just, place to live."And we can do this best together."

So despite virtually all his life and certainly his political life seeing a right wing Tory Government replaced by a right wing New Labour Government, which was in turn replaced another right wing LibDem government in which the gap between the rich and poor has grown constantly larger. He argues that Social Justice would be better of if Scotland remained part of a UK where there has been very little for the last 33 years and that's if you accept the Wilson/Callaghan government were a social-radical one. Which take some (red) -rose coloured glasses.

Milibad needs reminding that Scotland constantly rejected the Thatcherite agenda and there is still only one Tory MP in Scotland.

Though it must be pointed out Scottish MPs like Gordon Brown Alistair Darling were enthusiastic supporters of the New Labour Project. But would they have been if they had been Ministers in an Independent Scottish government? Perhaps not.

So despite the Scottish electorate overwhelmingly rejecting the right wing agenda of the Westminster Parties and that includes Scottish Labour who still have some Socialist credentials. Miliband argues that Scotland should remain part of the UK that has failed and will fail to address the true nature of social deprivation and seek to narrow the gap between the haves and haves not despite the two major parties in Scotland indicating that they might at least attempt to do so.

For the Scotland read Wales even Welsh Labour attempted (though largely failed ) to put Clear red water between them and Westminsters New Labour project as Rhodri Morgan outlined in a speech in 2006

Milliband has got the argument the wrong way round. Social Justice will not come from the UK either from a Con/Lib government, or a Labour opposition that will make only mealy- mouthed references to the plight of the Have-Nots, whilst as Blair did in 1997 focus on gaining the lucrative votes of that elusive electorate "Middle England"

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