Saturday, 21 January 2012

No kneesup in Llandudno

News that the Conservatives in Wales have suddenly  canceled their annual Welsh conference just two weeks in advance.

At first it seemed that it was just costs but they now seem to be claiming that security costs had run into thousands of pounds

Can this be just an excuse after all the Tories have huge financial backers who probably be only two willing to make a contribution.

Could it be that there would be a parcity of high profile backers attending as Cameron and Coe concentrte thier energies on the parts of England they neesd support from and actually care about?

Or they need to concentrate on Scotland where they are loosing  the little influence they have and by their sheer arogance have made a yes vote in an Independence referendun more likely.

But suerly the strangest thing that has come out of it is yesterdays  posting by Aberconwy Conservatives which despite the canceled conference being held in Llandudno in the Conwy constituency  of Con MP Guto Bebb and Con AM  Janet Finch-Saunders. makes no mention of the cancellation that would have been a boost to the leisure Industry.

I mean canceling a conference where in the last to elections you made significant gains. Wouldn't it have been worth it just to celebrate?

Scrapheaps they have been to busy trying to explain things to the local Leisure Industry .

If the reason was to concentrate on the May elections it is unlikely to help the 18 councilors in Conwy up for election . They probably expected to lose a few.Now it  may be that there will be a total cull.

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