Sunday, 29 January 2012

Alex Salmond Eats Babies.

The latest issue of Private Eye's (1306 lookalike feature has this.

Since the Eye lamppons everyone in their lookalikes Danny Alexander and Dobby the Elf! We hope Alex sees the joke.

But some of the recent comparisons have not been so funny

The Scottish Libdems  comparing Salmond with a Arab despot

Scottish Labour MP Tom Haris  comparing him to Hitler

And Newsnights Jeremy (The Sneer) Paxman in a live interview comparing him to Robert Mugabe 

Can it be that there is a conspiracy to portray a democratically elected leader who has so far not displayed any more anti-democratic measures than any politician from these Islands who wishes to control the agend.a.
So far Alex Salmond seems untroubled by these attempts to smear him by comparing him to despots.

Mind you there could be one former leader leader that he might just find  a comparison going too far.

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