Tuesday, 30 August 2011

No Sign of Lightening UP.

. When I first posted on the Independent on Sunday (IOS) article Welsh tell MP to lighten up over race 'slur',.  I believe only  Peter Black had Blogged on it and I hadn't  read his comment. Lets face it who reads the IOS. I think I'm the only one who buys it at my newsagent and I read it because I had got fed up with then Observer's seemingly being pro-invasion of Iraq and being Blair sycophants . Though if Matthew Bells sloppy badly researched article is anything to go by how can I trust the IOS on other issues?

Since then nearly all my favorite  Welsh Bloggers  had commented on the IOS piece and nearly all have improved  on my criticism of the original article.

Miserable Old Fart  and Syniadau have pointed out Labours Chris Bryant's hypocrisy over this issue MOF over his take on Alun Cairns slur on Italians and Syniadau on Bryant's attack on Homophobic remarks., and if you are uncomfortable with some of the comments such as Jack of the North's then  thats the whole bloody point. You can't say its OK to offend som eand not others and I find Homophobia  as offensive as racism.

Bryant's comments where he proposed that everybody in Wales should laugh of unacceptable insults of them that he would not rightly  tolerate when  directed at him be interpreted in three ways.

  • He really is a hypocrite. 
  • He generally believes that the  attack Roger Lewis including the Monkey language comment should be laughed off.
  • He believes that the comments by Lewis were totally unacceptable  but to prosecute other action against him would be an attack on free speech.
  • He  himself found the words offensive and would like  to see action against Lewis but couldn't resist the opportunity to attack Plaid in a Sunday Newspaper. 
The  above  could be said of Peter Black  who must  attempts to defend his position finds himself  getting  more and more hysterical. All you have to do Peter is admit you were wrong (as you realise) .and I,ll give you all the credit.

Taking in the response on the Bloggersphere  which I admit is a unrepresented sample( but much more than those who commented las Sunday ) . What are the chances that the IOS and Matthew Bell run an article next Sunday entitled "Welsh tell Labour MP stop being a hypocrite and stand up for us? . Odds anyone?

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